Male and Female Striper Clubs: What’s The Difference?

Stripping jobs are one of the fastest earning sources these days. But it’s pretty tricky if you are new to the game. If you’re able to work hard and work consistently, then stripper job is one of the more lucrative lines of work where there is no limit to the money you’ll be able to make.

Have you ever wondered how Male and Female striper clubs differ? Generally, no, because we have only ever seen one side of the industry. In this guide, we’ll talk about male and female strippers, their jobs, income, and the different rules of the club:

Let’s get started with basics:

About Female Stripping Clubs:

A strip club is a place where strippers mainly provide adult entertainment in the form of striptease or other erotic or exotic dances. But the female strip club is where you’ll find sexy girls; half-naked on a pole with stunning stripper dancewear, but you can’t have sex with them (It depends upon the club rule). Not all strippers are drug addicts, battered girlfriends, or covert prostitutes. Plus, they are more private and personal. Many establishments have appropriate policies in place that protect their entertainers.

Female stripping clubs are many guys spread out, silently watching a girl do bare floor and pole work to two three-minute songs.

About Male Stripping Clubs: 

You’ll find everything from ripped bodybuilders to skinny and tattooed male strippers in the male stripping club. Male strippers typically wear the distinctive upper body dress of a bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs that would otherwise be worn over a bare torso. Many clubs give a lap dance to the game women in the audience.

Why Do Men Go to Female Strip Clubs?

See Naked Women:

Generally speaking, men at either bachelor parties or female strip clubs want to ‘check out the girl’s bodies. And that’s the primary thing men want to do at a female strip club. Straight guy ones who do enjoy an outing to the nearest nudie bar. It’s an opportunity for them to live the dream. Like setting many half-naked girls, visual overload of the body parts, overtly staring at a woman’s breasts, and many more. 

Note* Not all stripping clubs are the same, so check their rules and regulations before the visit.

For Hang out:

Another thing that sometimes men want is just to enjoy their time with their friends and female strippers. Most straight guys hang out with many creepy guys and probably go once a month.

Analyze a Woman’s Emotions:

Women are a lot more complicated when it comes to intimate moments. Men generally want to go to women’s strip clubs to learn how to get women’s attention or to induce the desire to do something else or more.

Why Do Females Go Male Strip Clubs?

There are several reasons, such as:

  • Admire male stripper body
  • Just for fun with some friends
  • To spice up their relationships
  • Living out their fantasies
  • For lap dance in a private room
  • Watch some sexual dancing, but this is very different from what female strippers do

What Is The Difference In Income?

Female Stripper income:

When it comes to stripping, the salary of a female stripper depends on their physical strength and positive attitude. If you are experienced and know how to deal with your regular customers, you can earn up to $2000 to $10K in a single night. An entry-level stripper/exotic dancer with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay based on $50. 

Some Basic Tips to Increase Your Income:

  • Marketing yourself as a sophisticated woman
  • Invest in good quality costumes, and other stripper accessories lead with a compliment
  • Learn to hustle
  • Attract your regular clientele but keep your relationship respectful
  • Maximize your physical appearance
  • Follow a good hygiene
  • Hit the different clubs
  • Honing your craft by learning a pole dance

Male Stripper Income:

On average, male strippers make less than female strippers. Their income comes from three primary sources: base pay, lap dances, and tips. In general, male strippers earn around $25 from a stage show or a private party show. If your personality has a hot body, you can earn up to $100 to $500 overnight.

Successful Way to Make Money as a Male Stripper:

  • Build a reputation
  • Wear something sexy that maximizes your physical appearance (you can buy a stripper costume from an online stripper Store)
  • A proper attitude is a must.
  • Offer a private lap if possible.
  • Create member able experience with every customer
  • Hit a different stripper club or nightclub

So, guys, I hope I learn some new things about these industries and can understand a little better the difference between both forms of stripping. If you want to pursue a career in stripping, then along with this guide, you should invest and work for yourself too. From the proper appearance to costume and stripper shoes near me, everything plays an important role and helps you earn more!

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