Male Infertility and Your Path Towards Successful Parenthood

When it comes to expanding a family or moving forward on the path towards parenthood, both males and females are equally responsible. And you decide to see an expert at a fertility or IVF centre in Bangalore or your locality when your conventional methods are not helpful. After interacting with you, the doctor recommends a few tests/screenings to both of you. And the test results reveal that it is male infertility, obstructing you from making your female partner pregnant and enjoying parenthood.

Male infertility is common in the contemporary world. Instead of worrying about it, you should educate yourself and treat it for expanding your family and saving your relationship. Here, have a look at all the associated aspects of male infertility:

Symptoms of male infertility 

Infertility itself is a sign. It is an inability to produce a child. And the primary male infertility symptom is an inability to make his female partner pregnant. Usually, males with infertility have feelings of depression, inadequacy, loss, grief, or failure. Common symptoms of male infertility are as follows:

  • Pain in testicals 
  • Low libido 
  • Ejaculation issues 

Causes of male infertility 

Male infertility causes relate to reproductive health issues, environmental factors, bad lifestyle, age, and family background. Here are some common causes of male infertility:

  • Azoospermia – An inability to produce sperm 
  • Oligospermia – Refers to low sperm count or poor sperm shape and motility  
  • Genetic issues – Microdeletion, myotonic dystrophy, Klinefeflter’s syndrome  
  • Chronic health problems  – Diabetes, tumours, varicocele, chromosome defects, antibodies, undescended testicles, and celiac disease
  • Environmental factors – Radiation, industrial chemicals, extreme heat exposure 
  • Lifestyle factors – Drug, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, excess bodyweight, stress, anxiety  
  • Certain medicines – To treat cancer, 
  • Hormonal disorders –  
  • Age – Usually, a decline in fertility starts after 35 or 40 years    

Diagnosis and treatment 

In general, you should see a fertility specialist when you notice that your timed and unprotected physical intimacy for more than a year is not fruitful to your family expansion plan. The specialist will interact with both of you to know your issues. And the expert will recommend a few tests and screenings to both of you.

In the case of male infertility, the doctor will recommend semen analysis. The semen analysis includes sperm count, motility, shape, concentration, colour, etc. After going through the test results, the doctor advise the best and effective treatment that could include:

  • Hormonal medicines 
  • IUI 
  • Varicocelectomy – A surgery to repair varicoceles

How to move ahead on your parenthood path successfully 

You can manage your infertility by following your doctor’s instructions. Here are some steps that can facilitate you in your parenthood journey:

  • Quit smoking as you plan your parenthood journey  
  • Take your alcohol intake to a moderate level (usually a peg a week) if you can’t leave your drinking habit
  • Say NO to sedentary and comfortable lifestyle 
  • Be physically active. And for this, do workouts, go for jogging/running for 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week 
  • Manage your body weight and avoid being underweight or overweight. For this, you can check your BMI 
  • Avoid having too fatty, salty, fried, processed, and junk food items 
  • Always take a balanced and healthy diet that should contain whole grains, seasonal green & leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, folic acid, and essential vitamins and minerals   
  • Stay away from psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. To manage your psychological issues, do deep breathing, meditate, and practise relaxing techniques 


Male infertility is common in today’s world. As a conscious male willing to be a father, you should educate yourself on your reproductive health, including male infertility. And you should take each possible step that can safeguard you against it or cure it if you are suffering from you. Doctor’s consultation and lifestyle changes can help you a lot to move on your path towards parenthood.

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