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Belfast’s Top 5 Cowering Managed Office Spaces Belfast for Entrepreneurs

Given the impact of Brexit and the prolonged government absence at Stormont, inward investment in Northern Ireland has faced numerous challenges in recent months, particularly for entrepreneurs.

Nonetheless, one solution offers a viable option with numerous benefits for both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations operating in Northern Ireland: shared office space for entrepreneurs, also known as cooking.


Entrepreneurial cowering spaces

Entrepreneurial cowering spaces, which are becoming increasingly popular in Belfast, offer a practical, high-impact solution in cities where economic growth has stalled or declined. This is primarily because cowering creates new jobs and revitalizes village centers that have suffered from a lack of investment and the effects of depopulation.

Opening new cowering spaces for entrepreneurs to stimulate e economic growth has already proven to be a profitable strategy in Belfast.


A number of shared office spaces for entrepreneurs have opened in Belfast’s city center, as well as in other Northern Irish cities such as Newly and Omaha. These innovation and forward-thinking business hubs have had a significant social impact in Belfast, ushering the city into a more European mindset where the digital economy is ripe.

Let’s take a look at five of Belfast’s coolest cowering spaces for entrepreneurs that are paving the way for new and exciting economic opportunities.

1) Hard to manage Arthur House

 The family-owned Glandorf Arthur House, which opened last year, aims to encourage entrepreneurship in Belfast and throughout Ireland. Glandorf provides eight different shared office spaces for entrepreneurs on the island of Ireland, offering a far more preferable option than freelancing from home. As a result, the surroundings at Glandorf are excellent, with an incredibly diverse community of entrepreneurs from fields as varied as technology, creative development, financial services, and sometimes even law.

2) Open floor Location

Loft Space is Belfast’s most centrally located shared office space for entrepreneurs, offering a stress-free work environment, all of the facilities of a traditional office, as well as a flourishing social scene and sense of belonging. loft space, positioned just feet away from a number of the city’s top attractions, provides a beautiful space to be productive, have a quick meeting, or enjoy a Starbucks chat. Loft Space’s adaptable affiliation strategies are now all, so you can forget about rent and utilities and focus on your goals for the coming year.

3) The Ormeau Baths

If you’re strolling along the Lagan, you won’t have to go far to find the Ormeau Baths cowering community. Ormeau Baths, housed in a historic bathhouse, is an entrepreneurship and innovation campus that assists Belfast’s best and brightest startups in gaining access to new networks, funding, and expertise. This cowering space for entrepreneurs, known for its tech community, was founded by numerous tech entrepreneurs and provides the tools needed to thrive in global markets. Ormeau Baths have also partnered with cowering operator Barclays Eagle Labs (which has more than 22 rooms in the UK) and Dog Patch Labs in London, allowing members to use upper workspaces for business owners wherever they go.


4) Cubic Collaboration

Volumetric Communicating organizational, located just 10 minutes outside of Belfast in Lilburn City, is a vibrant cowering space for business owners looking to take their company to the next level. With dedicated underground parking for members, this cowering space is close to a variety of meal spots and shops where you can take a mid-day break with your coworkers. Cubic Coworker offers a variety of hot desk packages as well as meeting rooms and private offices to help you get down to business quickly.


5) Cathedral Quarter Bick Shared Studios

Bick Shared Studios, located at 46 Hill Street in Belfast’s charming Cathedral Quarter, is housed in an airy, converted warehouse that provides the ideal working environment for creatives. Belau Common Production companies’ (that has three cowering spaces across Belfast) vision is to focus on the needs of creative industry businesses. To be qualified for workspace at Blink, you must be continuing to work in the creative industry in order to support the vision of promoting the arts in Northern Ireland. With funding opportunities, studio space, and a plethora of talent events, the above cowering for business owners is unbeatable — especially if you’re a creative person!

Where are your preferred shared office space for business owners? Visit this page to learn about more cool places around the world that are part of the Coworker network and Global Pass program.

Belfast offices

Ireland is Northern Ireland’s capital and largest city. Finding an office in Belfast with Easy Offices is simple, with a variety of options ranging from office buildings to office spaces.

Belfast’s average office space costs approximately £12 thousand per worker per year, putting it on par with English hubs like Leeds and Manchester.

With all of this in mind, now is an excellent time to start a Belfast office space and establish a presence in the this growing city.

Raptor Celebrity House is located at 5-7 Upper Queen Street in Dublin.

A cutting-edge location that offers a new all-inclusive approach to flexible workspace. This space also includes a rooftop terrace, which is ideal for taking a break throughout a busy with work day.

This Location’s Specifics

Within a week of work, relax in the bars and restaurants on your doorstep or venture to the vibrant Chapel Quarter as well as its energetic night clubs. And with all major public transportation links just minutes away, there’s no need to worry about getting around. Howard Street, the nearest bus stop, is only two mins away on foot. Motorway access to the north and south is only a mile down the road, and Roger Greatest Airport is less than four miles away.

Managed Office Spaces Belfast : maintained, communicated, and unoccupied corporate headquarters

During a prolonged period of political calm, it has underscored its claim to be the government’s economic driver, serving as the country’s core of law, biz, and postsecondary learning, in addition to industry.

Belfast town center has seen significant growth and regeneration, and Office Genie can provide you with a variety of office space options in the area. We enable you to compare everything from serviced offices for rent in controlled building structures to diskspace for freelance writers and eskers, as well as a variety of roots in ancient leases.

Belfast office space

Welcome to Managed Office Spaces Belfast Genie’s Belfast business rents website. Belfast, like any other metropolis, offers a fantastic selection of office space and is a genuine lure. Many firms from nearby Carryduff, Newtownabbey, and Hollywood prefer to rent office space in Belfast, and you might be one of them!


Why pick Belfast headquarters?

Few locations have seen as rapid growth in the previous two decades as Managed Office Spaces Belfast, which has the fastest rising economy of any big city in the United Kingdom. The Waterfront Hall, Centennial Quarters, and Obeli Tower, among many other outstanding additions and redevelopments, make Belfast a wonderful site to visit in the twenty-first century (as well as its stunning Edwardian architecture). It’s incredible to consider how much the city has progressed from its political conflicts in past few decades.

Belfast is a city that is looking to expand, not least via its companies. Look no further than the city’s promise of roughly £200 million in inbound investment, as well as the rising amount of enterprises that have chosen to call Derry home.

In terms of public transportation, Belfast is well connected to the rest of Ireland, notably by rail, with regular trains to Dublin departing regularly a regular basis and requiring approximately two hours. If you want to go across the ocean, you have several possibilities. Belfast Airport Terminal serves most of the main cities in the United Kingdom, as well as numerous European and American routes. If you want to go by water,


Belfast office space alternatives

On Office Genie, we have a wide range of Managed Office Spaces Belfast  for rent in any town and city you can think of, including Belfast. 

Of again, if nothing piques your interest, please return soon. Our inventory is always evolving, so if we aren’t carrying it right now, your ideal Belfast office should be available soon!

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