Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Moving Company

Mistakes to avoid while choosing a moving company

There are various times when we want to take shortcuts in our lives. But shortcuts can’t be accepted at times of shifting. Relocation is a process that requires a calm mind, planning, and execution.

One of the thorniest tasks during home shifting is selecting the right packers and movers for the task. Shifting is not a task that anyone does on a regular basis. So, there are chances of making mistakes while selecting the correct movers and packers.

If you are going to shift in the upcoming days, then this article is just for you. Carry on reading and you will get to know some basic mistakes that one does while selecting a moving company, and ways to avoid them.

Choosing the cheapest mover

This is the most common mistake that people do while selecting house shifting companies. They usually select the cheapest one for the move.

Relocation comes with a lot of expenses. So, keeping on budget is crucial. Most people start searching for the cheapest packers and movers. But without full verification, just going for cheaper ones, can risk all your goods.

Everything comes with a cost, and no one is doing business for losses. If someone is offering a really low amount, then you need to make sure of the reason for it. There can be various reasons for it like:-

Bad service

If the movers are charging an extremely low amount then there might be a chance that they compromise with the service.

Or there might be chances that the company has delivered bad service in past and because of that, their charges have decreased.

So, before getting trapped in any such loop, think twice before hiring any company for the move.

Hidden Cost

There are many instances where movers did not reveal the whole amount, in one go. Before hiring them, they will offer you a different estimate and once you hire them they will show their real face.

Once the things are loaded and the move has begun, the customer is left with no option instead of paying the amount that they ask.

Researching about your possible moving company

Nothing can be better than a word-of-mouth referral. Instead of going for any other method, the best can be asking your friend or knowing about any moving company that they have used.

Apart from it, you can even ask on social media about the reference of the moving company. These days, the best way to get information regarding anything particular topic is through social media.

Once you get a recommendation, check their ratings and reviews. And you are done.

Advance Planning

Another mistake that people do is that they usually book when they are left with no time and that is when they are forced to take the option which is left.

Relocation is something that requires planning that is supposed to be done ahead of moving.

And this previous planning is required here too. Your first step should be the booking packers and movers services.

Genius is the one who knows how to work smartly. Booking anything at the last minute will not help you in any manner. If you too want things to operate smoothly then you are required to plan your move.

This needs to be done especially in the summers where people shift in large numbers. Summers are the time when the new session starts, so all the parents prefer moving during this time only.

So this becomes the busiest time for the packers and movers Pune to Bangalore too. So if you want the best one book in advance.

Advance planning will help in discovering the problems earlier and one gets ample time to find the solutions for them.

Never believe on mouth estimates

One should never believe in mouth estimates no matter you are hiring a branded moving company or just an average to-do company. You should never give a nod before verifying the documents of your move.

 On paper thing never fluctuates, even if it fluctuates you have the option to claim. Before hiring any company ask whether they will provide everything on paper or not.

And in the contract, the payment amount should be clear. There should be no hidden charges into it. There are many cases where there are additional charges of packing or unpacking things or bringing goods upstairs.

So, to avoid any on-the-spot surprises, clear things in advance. For doing that, you will require to visit the company.

The moving company should prompt you to ask these questions and they might even ask them, giving you the chance to know the exact situation.

Must communicate with your movers and packers

Proper interaction with your moving company is a must. Yes, it is the fact that there are so many works that you are supposed to do. But interaction and clarity with your moving company will help you to understand the situation better.

You are supposed to tell them your requirement and what you are expecting from them. Don’t leave just everything on the movers, keep them in a loop permanently.  Be vocal about everything, your schedule, or the time at which you are expecting your goods to be delivered to your new place.

Not asking the right question

Appropriate knowledge is the key to successfully conquering your moving adventure. The moving hands who will do the work are the packers and movers. But for hiring the right one who needs to have the full information about the company.

Before everything else, prepare a list of all your queries that you want to ask. Before giving your nod, just ask each and every question regarding payment, service, insurance, etc. Don’t ignore this process otherwise, your move will surely be hampered. So, don’t skip this for sure for a hassle-free move.

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These were some common mistakes that many of us do while moving. Try your best to avoid them while moving. Do all the research and then only choose the best one for you that suits your requirement. Trust your own research rather than just going for the reviews.


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