Most Beautiful Islands in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a plethora of natural beauty, from cerulean waters to lush greenery and sandy beaches. Though it’s tempting to assume that the five main Hawaiian Islands offer similar experiences, they’re actually more distinct than you might think. It’s very easy to book your flight tickets with Klm Booking. Grab the best deals its offering on flight tickets.  To help you select which island is best for your next vacation, here is a list of the greatest Hawaiian Islands based on scenery, expert opinion, and reader feedback. 


Kauai has mastered seduction with its mesmerizing sunsets, pristine beaches, and azure skies. However, the Hawaiian chain’s oldest island doesn’t need to tempt visitors with over-the-top luxury or tourist traps. Instead, it caters to a no-muss, no-fuss traveler. Resorts are no more than the height of a coconut tree (literally). You’d rather be in the country than in the city? There are only two major highways on Kauai. And some areas can only be explored on foot or by taking one of the top Kauai boat trips.

Some claim that all you need to visit is a decent pair of hiking boots, an umbrella, and a sense of adventure. However, you should be aware that you may require some cash. Room costs in the winter on Kauai can reach $500 per night. This happens due to the island’s natural beauty and coveted hiking routes. Consider going during the shoulder seasons to get the most bang for your buck.


Maui isn’t as big as the Big Island, nor is it as small as Lanai. Again, it is not as peaceful as Kauai, or as busy as Oahu. Still, Maui is a paragon for many Hawaii visitors since it provides a sample of almost everything the Aloha State offers. Be it the breathtaking nature of the fascinating culture and history. You may shimmy with the hula dancers. Also, you can golf along coastal slopes, snorkel with five distinct varieties of sea turtles, zip down a zip line. Or you can simply relax on some of Hawaii’s most famous beaches during your vacation.

Maui is situated between the relatively smaller Molokai and the Big Island. As a result, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Many visitors base themselves around the coastlines of West Maui or South Maui. Here they may enjoy the sands of Kaanapali Beach and the music of the Old Lahaina Luau). The rest of the island, though, should not be overlooked. Explore East Maui’s picturesque coastline along the Road to Hana. It is the world’s largest volcano. Reserve a spot on one of Maui’s premier helicopter tours for a birds-eye perspective of it all.

Hawaii – The Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is like the occasionally obnoxious older sibling in Hawaii. Her qualities are frequently overlooked in favor of lovely small siblings and sisters. Maui is a place to have a good time with your family. Surfers, partygoers, and outdoor explorers flock to Oahu. Kauai is a romantic and luxurious destination. The Big Island, on the other hand, is simply enormous.

Majestic is a better word. The Big Island’s geographical diversity includes everything from black sand beaches to snow-capped peaks, hardened lava deserts to humid and lush jungles. It’s still expanding. The active, fire-spitting Kilauea volcano, the Big Island’s trump card, has increased the island’s landmass since 1983. Volcanic activity triggered earthquakes, eruptions, and the collapse of the Halemaumau crater during the most recent outbreak in May 2018. True, if you came here expecting a classic Hawaiian vacation complete with luaus and a honeymoon-like ambiance, you’ve been disappointed. However, the hiking trails and state parks on this island offer views that no other Hawaiian island can match. And the beaches are likely to be in colors you’ve never seen before. If you only have a limited amount of time to spend on the island, sign up for one of the top Hawaii tours to benefit from the knowledge of a knowledgeable native.


You know something is exceptional when billionaires are battling over it. Lanai, Hawaii’s most exclusive island, is an example of this. Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, wants to get his hands on some Lanai property for a long time. In 2012, Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, acquired 97 percent of Lanai. But don’t let this titanic battle deter you from paying a visit.

Mother Nature presents a spectacular show here, with secluded beaches, bizarre rock formations, and vibrant underwater reefs. Top vistas like Shipwreck Beach and the Munro Trail are literally off the beaten (or paved) route, so you’ll need an off-roading vehicle and a zest for adventure to get there. After a day of exploring the terrain, relax in one of the area’s premium hotels, where you can expect to be pampered with exquisite cuisine, first-class service, and luxurious rooms. If you’re looking for something more active, you can go deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, lawn bowling, and more. With all of this, how can you say no to Lanai’s prized charms?

Honolulu – Oahu

Oahu, more than any other Hawaiian island, combines cosmopolitan elegance with magnificent scenery. Honolulu, the state capital, exemplifies the island’s metropolitan attraction. From the opulent Iolani Palace to the austere USS Arizona Memorial at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, there are a plethora of cultural and historic attractions nearby. A skyline of high-rises and resorts contrasted with wide white sand beaches in the neighboring Waikiki district. Visit the North Shore for a taste of rural Hawaii. The most vivid blue seas and meandering treks can be found here. But those aren’t the only places on Oahu worth visiting. Furthermore, the island’s top-notch restaurants, active cultural events, and crazy nightlife establish it as a “Gathering Place” for Hawaiian culture.

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