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Moving to a Hostel? Know What to Pack before Leaving

Are you planning to shift to a PG or a hostel? This is a complete guide that will provide an ultimate packing list as to what things you should take and what things you should avoid taking. Hostels are nothing like hotels. People, especially first-time travelers confuse the concept of hostels with hotels. There are so many things that a hotel offers but a hostel doesn’t. It can get very challenging for first-time travelers. Hence, today, we are here to clear all your misunderstandings about it.

This post will brief you about all the things you will need to pack while shifting to a hostel.

What Should I Pack While Staying in a Hostel?

1) Micro Fibre Towel:

Hostels do not provide towels so you might as well carry your own to be on a safer side. We suggest you carry a microfiber towel specifically because it dries faster. To add to that, the major advantage is that, it is light in weight, dries quickly, and is durable and absorbent.

2) Carry Your Toiletries:

As we discussed earlier, hotels and hostels accommodation have nothing in common except for the fact that they offer to stay in exchange for money. Unlike hotels, hostels do not provide toiletries. Here are some items you should carry in your travel kit.

  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Dental kit – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Tongue cleaner
  • Shampoo
  • Body Lotions
  • Hair Brush
  • Room Fresheners
  • Perfumes

3) Earplugs:

There are always some people who stay up late in PG – this is still better! But, imagine sleeping next to someone who snores. Literally, unbearable! Do not hesitate in carrying a pair of earplugs to avoid sleeping over “loud” late-nighters, busy streets, or someone who snores.

4) Extra Pair of Comfy Footwear:

In a PG, you’re sharing the room with other people. This means that you share the same shower and toilet space as well. Considering this, there is no way you can enter it barefooted. Keep an extra pair of footwear – preferably shower-friendly slippers with you.

5) Pepper Spray:

You are probably moving to a new city; unaware of what kind of people you’re going to be around. Safety is a priority; to cater to that, keep a pepper spray handy. Either on your way to work or on your way back home, you don’t know the kind of people you’d have to face. Be aware, be safe!

6) Laundry Bag:

We need to understand that PG is not personal space. At home, there is someone who will do the laundry for you, but in a PG you’re all on your own. There are only a few PGs that offer laundry services and if they do, it is very costly. Since you’re on a budget, you have to minimize your expenditure. So, prefer carrying a laundry bag and plan to wash your clothes twice a week.

7) Noise Cancellation Earphones:

There will be times when you will want some personal space and the need to focus on something. Roommates can get noisy and the only way you can save yourself is by using noise cancellation earphones. Buy one and avoid unnecessary voices for the rest of your life!

8) Universal Travel Adaptor:

Trust us, this is a life savior. The person, who invented this device, designed it in a way that it can solve multiple problems at a time. Universal travel adaptor is PG essential for students as different countries have different electric sockets; it also means various hostels have different electric plugs. It’s a one-time investment for all your charging problems.

9) Power Bank:

If you’re someone who’s always on your phone, a power bank is your ultimate rescue option. Power banks are portable charging banks and they are easy to use. A good quality power bank can last up to a day or two, depending upon its usage. They are also very easy to carry as they are small as a pocket and do not take much space.

10) Basic Meds:

Although PGs have a basic first aid kit and basic meds, you must carry your own medicine. The reason is, it is not sure whether those medicines will suit your body or not. You don’t want to take them and suffer later, especially when you’re away from home. Instead, choose to be on the safe side and take along your prescribed meds with you.

11) Functional Backpack:

Being a backpacker means being able to fit all your items in one sizeable backpack. There is no point to discuss in what to pack if you don’t have anything to pack your things in. Select a backpack that is not much on the fancy side, but one that is durable, functional, and sizeable.

We have discussed everything we need to know about what we need to pack while shifting to a PG. As much important as it is to know what to pack, it is also important to know what not to pack.

What Not to Pack while Shifting to a PG

Sleeping bag:

You won’t need a sleeping bag as hostels provide comfy sleeping beds. However, cheap or out of shape the hostel you’re planning to stay at will provide a bed and a mattress. So, don’t use up all the space in your backpack by packing an unnecessary item like a sleeping bag.

Beddings – bedsheets & pillows:

There is no need to carry bed sheets and pillows. Any hostel you might have chosen to stay in will provide bed sheets and pillows. Carrying them will just be a waste of space.

Lastly, a bad attitude:

We are not suggesting that you might have a bad attitude. Everyone goes through a phase where they get grumpy and upset about every possible thing that could ever exist. So, considering this, it might be better for you and everyone else to exercise being nice to everyone. Always remember that you’ll be sharing space with many other people that might not be very welcoming to someone with a bad attitude.

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