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Natural Emerald Rings- Perfect Gift For Your 25 Anniversary

“It’s been 25 years together,” a normal sentence replicating emotions, sacrifices, commitment, and above all, love that you and your partner have shared. Anniversaries are always special, whether it’s your first or 25. When you spend that much time with someone, you know everything about them, their likes and dislikes. But, one thing that is always challenging, and not just for you but everyone, is choosing the right gift. You want to emerald rings your memories together, so what can be the best gift to fit your love’s ambiance? 

Emerald rings have always been the way to say “I love you.” Emerald diamonds have been endorsed through the centuries because of their striking beauty. To make it even more obvious, here is why you should choose an emerald ring for this anniversary. 


For centuries people have preferred diamonds for their timeless beauty, especially the emerald. Its green hue never fades or shades with time. If you want a present that stays with your partner for 25 years, consider the emerald ring, as the gift does not harm you. 

Any other things like clothes will rip, get stained, and go out of style with time. Even if you are thinking about an electronic gift, new technology will replace it in a few months. Even cars go old with the day and lose their value.

But the jewelry always stays timeless. Jewelry is the only thing that, if you care for it properly, will last for generations. On top of that, you can have hundreds of styles in natural emerald rings and choose the most relevant one. Also, the ring’s settings can always be changed, so if someday your wife decides to give a new look to the ring, you are free to do so.  


Emerald diamonds are known for the impeccable quality they provide. Yes, they have some minor imperfections, but the fractures and fissures they present as tiny lines do not distract their beauty. Rather, they add up to the overall beauty of the gemstone and make them perfect to be fitted in a ring. Some jewelry cuts the emerald strategically to ensure that the line does not come up to the surface or even corner the emerald.

Jewelers’ hard work gives it the clarity and pressures your partner will love to have in their fingers. 

Easy To Treat

As time passes, the dirt starts to pile up on the ring and its precious diamond. But, but, but, when it comes to emerald diamonds, you don’t have to worry about it. You can easily store the beauty of the diamonds by cleaning them with simple oil. Oil is the most common thing to clean emerald diamonds and return them to their original beauty. Even the jewelers use the oil to fill the fractures in the ring and enhance its beauty. Or, if you don’t want to use the oil to clean the diamonds, you can use a simple microfiber cloth and warm water to clean the ring. How simple!

One final tip: Never let the fact that your lover already has many rings suffice. Rings are something everyone needs. These are always desired. You can thus go to the Certified Fine Jewelry online store if you are also certain that this will be the gift for your 25th wedding anniversary. The finest place to find excellent jewellery at reasonable costs is here.

Rare Beauty 

If you do not know, emeralds are rare diamonds, which is why they are more expensive than most other diamonds. For most people, it also signifies rare love, which is why they prefer emerald diamonds when choosing engagement rings. 

The cost of the diamonds comes from how rare they are. The emerald diamond ring is a simple yet stunning choice for the gifts to suit the pared-packed aesthetic of the 25-anniversary celebration. If you want the surprise to go even above the board, then choosing a matching ring band can help. 

Scintillating Designs 

Traditional to classic, classic to conventions, there are countless ring designs that you can choose for this perfect day. Different settings on the rings give the rings their sleek design. You can choose the thin metal designs. Thin and classic metal bands around the diamonds also play their part in complementing the overall aesthetics of the diamond. With a lot of creativity around this diamond, you never run out of options. 

Though most of the time, jewelry gifts already have some associated sentiments, natural emerald rings also have the option to personalize them. 


Rings or any other jewelry doesn’t come off from the nuance. Jewelry designs give their time and effort to create a specific piece of jewelry. Design jewelry preserves the quality and looks good compared to any other jewel. Tiffany and David Yurman ring sale. David Yurman is one of the best ring designers in New York, so when you find his rings on sale, you can also find each other.

Picking up designer jewelry doesn’t only mean that you are giving an extravagant gift. It puts ahead the efforts that you have spent to find the perfect ring. So, the ring will stay in your partner’s hands as the replication of your love and affection for them. 


If you have heard that jewelry is an expense, that’s not true. Rather, buying jewelry is an investment that you will appreciate over time. It does not fade, rip off, or lose its value, yes, it might get dirty, but that is perfectly fine, as you can clean it. Rings are one of the gifts that can be enjoyed over time. 

Also, in the future, you will have the bonus that it is worth more the longer you hold on to it. Suppose you think gifts are just not about “now,” no problem. But think about something that you can finally pass in your generation.  

Emarlands diamonds will be appreciated with time as they lose their value in the resell market. Understandably, you will never want to sell it in any case, but if the decision is made, you will potentially make more money than you are investing now. 

But if that decision is made, there is potential to make money on the investment in the future.

Always In Trend 

Trends can come and go, but one thing should remain certain: the value you have in each other’s life. If you think practically anything can be given as a gift, however, as their trend goes out of the market, they start to look boring. Whether you consider a car or a mobile phone, it is true in the case of everything except jewelry. 

This wearable becomes even more valuable as the one design is lifted from the market. Rings make the most sentimental pieces that you can give to someone. It takes effort to buy an ornament and please the recipient with its impeccable beauty. 

Wrapping Up!

Undoubtedly, an emerald rings can be the best gift of all time. But for those still deliberating, never forget that you always have endless options. 

One last thing, never suffice the thing that your partner already has a lot of rings. One can never have enough rings. These are always desirable. So, if you are also convinced that this will be the gift for your 25 anniversary, you can visit the Certified Fine Jewelry online store. It is the best store to buy fine jewelry at affordable prices.

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