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NFT Marketing Services And The Nuances Involved In It

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs… The combination of words and letters that makes a lot of sense right now would have been considered complete gibberish about half a decade ago. Today, it has become synonymous with creating experiences for brands and celebrities to connect with fans and loyal customers… In that order. It has also created a new ecosystem for creators to directly capitalize on their creations without suffering losses in time and money to intermediaries and centralized advertising organizations.

Thanks to the presence of easy ways to develop your own NFT or even to create your own NFT marketplaces, NFT projects have started to spring up left, right, and center. This creates a mandate for all NFT projects to mark their edge with state-of-the-art marketing.

Marketing an NFT is the grand culmination of multiple factors. We can look at these factors from both genetic and specific perspectives. Here, it is also crucial to understand the nuances of marketing that make your NFT project stand out in the cluttered crowd of gimmicky NFTs that are pleasing to the eye but nothing more than a nasty rug pull.

The Generic Perspective of NFT Marketing:

Ask any seasoned marketer irrespective of their domain and they will tell you that marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time among the right audience with the right message! It cannot be any different when it comes to NFTs.

For any other product or service, it is quite easy to just follow some copybook strategies for marketing. Any marketing agency will ask you to go with the classic quartet of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, and content marketing.

Marketing has, in the digital age, heavily been contingent upon platforms like Google and Facebook. Fortunately or unfortunately, both these platforms do not allow easy advertising of nonfungible tokens. The advertising restrictions have heavily impeded the growth of nonfungible tokens but it has not in any way deterred people and NFT enthusiasts from seeking other lucrative possibilities to advertise their offerings. 

While there might be restrictions on paid advertising, there is no possibility for any platform to restrict organic reach… Including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This has also opened opportunities for NFT projects to mark a good presence on these platforms through already established sets of audiences.

Like all manifestations of the blockchain, even NFTs are designed to be decentralized at their core. Therefore, it is important to focus on the community, the engagement, the pulse, the emotions, and above everything, the feedback to ensure that your NFT project is a success. While it might not essentially come under the purview of marketing, the need for engagement and the creation of pocketed awareness makes it a part of the marketing efforts.

Let’s Now Get Specific!

Parallel to the growth of NFTs, and symbiotically so, there has also been a considerable proliferation of companies that offer NFT marketing services.

Any marketing service is a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches in addition to certain basics. The qualitative nature of marketing efforts could be subject to debate because quality is always defined by the output and the perception of the audience. However, there are certain avenues of marketing that should never ever be forgotten!

If you were to approach an NFT marketing services company, what is written below might come in as a handy guide to check if they are NFT marketing services are holistic.

Social Media Marketing

Although we are approaching a newer version of the web called Web3, we cannot deny that some rudiments of the older version of the web still remain. One of the most basic and prominent rudiments of the previous version of the Web is social media.

To this day, social media is the most happening hangout joint on the Internet. People exchange information with each other and it also presents an opportunity for brands to interact with each other and with their customers.

At the end of the day, even your NFT project is a brand… Or at least that is how you would want to take them to be. Therefore, social media should be an integral part of the NFT marketing company’s offerings.

Social media advertising might not be possible because of certain restrictions but that does not mean that the NFT project should not have a vivid, happening, and engaging presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To enhance your engagement, you can consider running contests that capitalize on tagging other people, increasing the number of comments, and bringing in more people to like your handle/page.

One exception when it comes to social media concerning NFTs is Twitter. Twitter has become so powerful in this space that people have started to call it crypto Twitter. Twitter, however, does not allow paid advertising concerning a few pockets of NFTs like P2E games. Twitter also provides an opportunity to interact with other NFT projects, founders, and even the official handles of the blockchain that powers your NFT… Like Polygon or Ethereum.

Community Marketing

The community is an integral part of any blockchain/NFT endeavor, and then we are talking about complete decentralization, we cannot afford to neglect the community. It would not be an exaggeration to say that community marketing has the potential to make or break an NFT project.

It is quite easy to say that platforms like Discord are the epicenter of community communication initiatives. However, looking at the more granular picture, things would be not as easy as they seem. It is important to strategize the different channels that will make up your Discord server. In addition, you will also need to come up with initiatives that will keep growing the size of your community.

Such initiatives could include giveaways, contests, and referral programs. In addition, there is also a constant need to keep the community engaged in good conversation. One of the best ways to keep the community happy and pampered is in terms of information priority. It would be a great practice to ensure that the community hears about the updates and releases first. Having some whitelisting programs would also encourage people to become an active part of the community.

Influencers Marketing

Although the elements of the older version of the web like YouTube might not allow for the direct advertising of crypto and NFTs, they have indirectly opened opportunities for NFT projects to capitalize on them.

Perhaps one of the best and the most effective ways to market your NFT project is to get in touch with influencers who have a considerable impact on the decisions of certain NFT enthusiasts.

By getting in touch with influencers, you can piggyback on the crowd that they have already built over the years. This would mean that you would get a headstart not only for your project but also for your community efforts. In fact, by meticulously planning your marketing investments and timing, you can ensure that you make your influencer efforts work for your social media presence and community engagement as well.

To Wrap It All Up!

NFT marketing is like driving a car! Just because you can drive one doesn’t mean you can take on the Formula 1 circuit! This is precisely where the nuances of NFT marketing come in. A reputable and trusted NFT marketing agency can work wonders not only in ensuring that your NFT project has a holistic presence but also a very effective one where you will reap the best benefits for your marketing dollars!

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