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Art ideas

Art opens the windows of the imagination in times of isolation. So, Art ideas explode loneliness into a thousand pieces. Art makes us discover the other – our friend, neighbor, and (e) famous or unknown artist – and his tremendous wealth. April 15 is World Art Day. So let’s take the opportunity to open up to others and let ourselves be amazed by creativity! Everyone! And ours: let’s share it!

History of the arts: discover new works.

Video series “1 minute at the museum.”

The Lumni educational site offers a series of 140 one-minute videos to get to know the most significant works in a fun way.

Three cartoon children, Mona, Rafaël, and Nabi, visit museums to observe works belonging to the artistic heritage, in total views Easy and simple drawing for kids.

The world’s largest museum on Google Arts and Culture

Good to know Art ideas Google Arts and Culture offers free access to the collections of works of the largest museums in the world. A gold mine to access the most significant results.

Google Arts & Culture features content from over 2,000 major museums and archives that have collaborated with Google Arts & Culture.

Virtual visit of museums with Muséosphere

So, Designing for children Art ideas, the Muséosphere platform offers 360-degree tours of 13 museums and heritage sites in the City of Paris. You can explore places from floor to ceiling by dragging the mouse. Even more surprising, the virtual tour of the Catacombs of Paris. An interactive and cultural experience to share with the family.

Impressionist works are told in stories.

The website Promenade imaginaries offers short stories to listen to, based on certain paintings in the Musée d’Orsay. An excellent way to discover works in a lively way.

Discover “different” films

To get off the beaten track of television and recent cinema, discover unknown gems:

  • On Films for children, you will find poetic films to make children aware of artistic practices Art ideas. They are classified by age and by theme (Narrative-Abstract-Comic-Musical-Wonderful-Fantastic-Surrealist-Contemplative-Science-fiction-Moral Education-Exclusion-Ecology-Living world-Animals-Friendship-Memory-Choreography-Parental relationship).
  • I assure you that the wonder is guaranteed.
  • On the Internet Archive, you will find old animated films and films suitable for a young age.
  • on Open Culture, animated films to explore.

I suggest that you provide students with direct links to films that you have watched in full. Again, an adult should accompany the child.

Music education: learn music differently

The video of Ravel’s Bolero, played by the Orchester National de France in confinement. An original Art ideas way to discover a nice piece of classical music and many instruments.

Why not go further by offering each student the opportunity to film themselves playing a musical sequence with an instrument or a household object so that they can then create a montage of this style. You need to be able to master video editing anyway.

We can also make it easier by offering each child to record themselves singing a verse and then create a canon by editing Audacity.

Make music at home

Making instruments with vegetables, playing a piece with household objects, doing percussion with your own body. Make music with the children during confinement.

Musicians or not, if you are the parent of a confined child. So, the Art ideas music has necessarily been mentioned on the list of activities to offer as a family. But what to do with the pieces of string? What the best musicians do: improvise. And here are five ideas to start.

Learn the “Cup song.”

A few years ago, Anna Kendrick released a song called Cups (when I’m gone) which created a craze for percussion with tumblers in schools. The idea does not seem old-fashioned to me! Of course, you have to have a sense of rhythm and patience, but in cycle three, students can learn the song’s main rhythm with a good tutorial!

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