Palolem Beach In Goa

Palolem Beach in Goa is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa but the world. It is located in Canacona in southern Goa. This  mile-long semi-circular beach is known for its beautiful natural beauty and spooky party vibes. As a result, you won’t need much time to see all of the lovely sights the beach has to offer. So, whether you’re thinking of going out with a friend or by yourself, Palolem Beach will forever be entertaining in every manner. Make sure that a trip to Palolem beach is included in your Goa honeymoon package

In comparison to the rest of Goa, Palolem Beach has maintained the cool, tranquil composition of a yogi. The beach is lined with wooden bungalows, eateries where you can eat with your feet in the sea, gift shops, a main street with apparel stores, and a series of hotels. It takes only 15 – 20 minutes to stroll the entire stretch – and you may do so barefoot if you choose, as Palolem is covered in smooth, white sands throughout, including the main thoroughfare. 

Since the tides are gentler on the northern end of the beach, it is considered to be a little safer. It is therefore recommended that you stay on this side of the beach if you are vacationing with a tiny family member. However, if you have an insatiable desire for adventure, you should pay a visit to the beach’s southern section. The form of the waves is more unclear and dangerous in this section. As a result, you can participate in a variety of water activities like kayaking and boating.

Lock Your Trip has plenty of Goa tour packages. Whether you are going with your spouse or your friends or your family, there are packages designed for you. Since Palolem is probably the most beautiful beach in Goa, it is important to know all the details or you just might get lost. 

Although the beach stays open from November to April, the best time to visit is between the months of November and February.After February the heat gets intolerable for a lot of people, especially if they are from a colder region. 

Activities To Do In Palolem Beach 

1) Paddling – Palolem Beach offers another type of seawater recreation for families to try. You just have to understand how to paddle a boat to participate in this activity; The directional duties will be handled by an expert who will accompany you.

2) Paragliding – Adults can enjoy paragliding to receive a bird’s eye perspective of the most beautiful spots in Palolem Beach and the surrounding area. You will be equipped with a parachute and a competent trainer, allowing you to revel in the freedom of flying like a giant bird in a safe and secure manner.

3) Water scooter – Water Scooters, like Kayaks, are a sort of watercraft that helps you glide across the water with ease. A Water Scooter, on the other hand, does not require a paddle because it is propelled by an engine. This fantastic water sport is available at Palolem Beach.

4) Sundowner – The Sundowner is directly next to Monkey Island. Two bars are located here, where you may enjoy some private time alone or with a companion. With a rustic aesthetic, strobe lights, and a superb assortment of beverages for couples and adults, this island bar is a perfect balance of calm and romance.

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5) Silent noise disco – The Silent Noise Disco, one of Palolem Beach’s greatest attractions, is only a few feet away from the beach. Adult headphones parties are known to be held at this establishment.

The fees are roughly Rs 800-1000 per person, and each station is assigned a distinctive colour so that your friends can tell which one you’re listening to from afar.

6) Neptunes – It’s one of the hippest hangouts of Palolem Beach in Goa. Adults can listen to a wide variety of music while enjoying an infinite supply of wine and cigarettes provided by the DJs. The nightclub is also well-known for networking with international visitors that frequent the venue.

7) Havana Cuba – It is one of the many seafood eateries along Palolem Beach’s oceanfront that provide delectable menu choices. The cuisines available range from Goan to traditional Indian to even international cuisines.

When visiting this restaurant with your family or friends, you may enjoy both the view and the food while listening to live music.

8) The Olive Club – This is a well-known pizza restaurant that is open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can have a good supper here, with vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood options.

This restaurant accepts current payment methods such as Paytm, so invoicing will not be an issue if you are short on cash.

9) Cafe Del Mar – It’s a beachside café and restaurant in the heart of Palolem Beach that serves delicious seafood and noodles. It offers Goan, Indian, and Russian cuisine to its patrons on a daily basis.

10) The Dream Catcher Shop – This shop in the heart of Palolem Beach is a wonderful place to visit if you’re trying to refurbish your home or interiors. Here you may also find handcrafted jewellery and other home décor goods.

Visiting Palolem beach in Goa with your spouse on your honeymoon will add a romantic flavour to your relationship. The white sands, the ever flowing waves, and the palm trees behind you which provide you seclusion from the rest of the world. What is not to love? The fact that it is not as crowded as the other beaches in North Goa is also an icing on the cake for new couples looking for privacy.


The colourful and photogenic fishing boats gathered in the beach’s central area offer a (too) brief excursion out to isolated Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach, as well as the chance to see wild dolphins along the way.

The optimum time to do this ride according to our sources, is either early in the morning or at dusk but bear in mind that since lots of other tourists will be heading out on boats during the day, going out early is probably your best bet to maximise enjoyment.

We were offered Rs. 500 per person (£5.2 / $6.6) for an hour-long ride, but we were also quoted up to Rs. 1,250 per person.

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