Physics Wallah and Its Aim to Provide Quality Education to the Masses

Physics Wallah and Its Aim to Provide Quality Education to the Masses

Physics Wallah: The revolutionizer of Indian education. In this era when education is more of a business. Physics Wallah is continuously raising the bar of competitiveness and providing the best support to the students at a very cost-effective price.

I will not take the name, but today’s education is more of a business when it comes to preparing for exams like JEE Mains or NEET. Big companies are investing billions in this sector. And institutes are charging a fee of more than lakh rupees. Here physics wallah comes with a revolutionary idea to help students.

Alakh Pandey, aka Physics Wallah, has dreamt of providing quality study material to all medico and engineering aspirants for free or at an affordable price. Physics wallah paves off millions of students through the Physics Youtube Channel/ PW application, on which students get live classes, video lectures, question papers, and many more. 

In this article, we will go through the journey from Physics Wallah’s youtube channel to India’s fastest-growing Edtech startup and how it’s contributing to students’ success.

Physics Wallah’s Journey

Alakh Pandey himself wanted to become an IITian, but because of his humble background, he was not able to fulfill his dream. He went to Harcourt Butler Technical University to do mechanical engineering. His family’s economic condition is not good. Knowing this, he started teaching JEE/NEET aspirants during his graduation.

Knowing the condition of a poor student, In 2016, he started a YouTube channel to give free physics and chemistry lectures to JEE/NEET aspirants. In an interview, Alakh Pandey admitted, “In the first year of my Youtube journey, I wasn’t aware of Youtube monetization.” In the first year, he got 10000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. Alakh realizes that he can’t do everything alone as things paced up. In 2017 he decided to launch his app and started planning. 

Physics Wallah App Launch

In 2019, He met with Prateek Maheswari, an IITian. After a few meetings, Alakh and Prateet find they share great synergies. And Prateek becomes the co-founder of the company. Prateek is a tech guy who helped Alakh in the PW app launch in 2020.

“There were so many downloads on the first day of the app launch that it crashed within a few hours of launch. Within the first seven days app got 3 lakh downloads.”- Prateek Says.

Today Physics Wallah is a family of over 7 million students and over 2000 staff, aiming to provide quality and affordable education to the students.

Physics Wallah Online Courses

The PW course structure for JEE/NEET has been divided into live lectures and scheduled video lectures. These video lectures allow students to access daily practice problems, one-to-one mentorship by a personalized mentor, and live doubt sessions by Physics Wallah doubt engine. PW starts its doubt engine to solve students’ problems within 24 hours. 

When PW launched its first online course Lakshya (Physics for NEET), in 2021, it got a massive response from students. More than 70000 students enrolled themselves in this course.

PW Courses for 2022-2023 Batch

Now Physics Wallah is India’s leading educational brand with a massive following. It has divided its JEE/NEET courses into two main categories. Live lectures and scheduled video lectures. Physics Wallah course’s price is meager. There are separate courses for JEE/NEET and Board Exam.

  • IIT-JEE Courses

Physics Wallah has launched different courses and test series for students on different levels. Let’s have a look:

  • Arjuna JEE 2.0 2023 and Arjuna JEE D2

This batch is specially designed for Class 11 students. In this batch, students will cover the Class 11 syllabus. Arjuna D2 is an offline test series program. Students will get paper content from Arjuna 2023 prime batch in this test series. With this test series, all India rankings will be provided. Students can come to their nearest Pathshala center. The Pathshala faculty will solve all their doubt. 

  • Lakshya JEE and Lakshya JEE D2

PW designed Lakshya JEE for Class 12 students. In this batch, the class 12 syllabus will be taught. Students will get live lectures from the best faculties in the country. Daily practice problems will be provided every day, and its video solution will be provided the next day. With the Lakshya JEE course, students can buy Lakshya JEE D2. It is a complete offline test series. All India rankings will be provided. 

  • Prayas JEE and Prayas JEE D2

Prayas make one more effort as its name specified. This batch is for 2023 dropper students. In this batch, JEE Mains’s complete syllabus will be covered. Students will get dedicated faculties to solve doubts instantly. With Prayas JEE, students can join Prayas JEE D2. It’s a complete offline test series cum doubt program at an affordable price. All India test rankings will be provided. PW experts have designed this test series with a lot of research. 

2- NEET Courses

  • Arjuna NEET 2.0 and Arjuna NEET D2 2023

This batch is the same as Arjuna JEE 2.0. Class 11 syllabus will be completed. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will be taught. With this, students can join Arjuna NEET D2 2023 test series. A PW expert team prepares this test series. 

  • Lakshya NEET and Lakshya NEET D2 2023

This batch is for Class 12 NEET aspirants. Students will be taught Class 12 complete syllabus. With this batch, students will get access to arjuna 2021 free of cost. The syllabus of class 12 will be complete before Nov 2022, and then revision will be started. With this batch, students can join Lakshya NEET D2 2023 and complete the offline test series. 

  • Yakeen 2.0 and Yakeen D2 2023

This batch is for the droppers of 2022. In this batch, the complete NEET syllabus will be covered. With this batch, students should opt for Yakeen D2 2023. This is a complete offline test series cum doubt program. PW experts design test series and papers. All India ranking will be given. Students will get a live doubt session from PW’s best faculties, including Alakh Pandey.

Physics Wallah provides not only online education but also provide offline education with over their 18 Pathshala centers all over the country. Recently they have launched Vidyapeeth centers in different parts of the country. Let’s have a look at them.

3- Pathshala

Pathshala is a hybrid classroom based on two teacher concept. Students get live lectures from one teacher, and the center faculty will solve their doubts. Pathshala has different programs for JEE/NEET aspiring students. It covers Class 11, Class 12, and a dropper batch. Pathshala courses and test series programs fees can range from 31500 to 60000.

4- Vidyapeeth

Vidyapeeth is PW’s new concept and has been recently launched. It’s a complete offline class system. Physics Wallah’s new batches have been started at a very affordable price. Faculties will teach students on board and solve their doubts. In Vidyapeeth, there are separate courses for JEE and NEET at different levels ranging from Class 11, Class 12, and Dropper batch. 

Fee Structure in Vidyapeeth

Class Fee + % GST
Class 11 49000 + 18%
Class 12  49000 + 18%
Class 11 + Class 12 89000 + 18%
Dropper Batch 59000 + 18%


Today in education, PW is a brand and is giving tough competition to big giants like Byju and Unacademy. Physics Wallah doesn’t have any celebrity as its brand ambassador. Their brand ambassador is students and the thinking of Alakh Sir. Once in an interview, he stated, “Money should not be a barrier for students who want to pursue their dreams. PW is not a company. It’s an emotion. We will immediately stop anything that damages there, even a business idea. We are very sensitive towards students’ sentiments.”

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