Playing Football For The First Time? 7 Tips To Reach The Goal

Want to start playing football? Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or even as a career, you shouldn’t be afraid to try. Besides, there are a lot of things that are intimidating when you first try them.

For instance, if you haven’t been a sporty type of person throughout your life, and you suddenly had the urge to learn football, then you might need some exercises to avoid body aches. Similarly, you shouldn’t expect to be a good player right away.

If you’re having doubts, or you don’t know where to start, just remember that there are many benefits of playing football. Some of these benefits are having regular exercise, working as a team, and meeting new people.


So if you’re scared of playing for the first time, then you should ready your classic football shirts and check the tips below!

1. Know the basics

You might already know the basics of football from all the games you’ve watched, but it’s different when you’re the one doing the drills. And to do the drills, you must try playing with other people first. From there, you can easily know the trick in manipulating the ball.

Once you know how to control the ball, you can gradually learn other techniques. As for the rules and regulations, just make sure you have time to read them from time to time. But it’s also important if you apply them during your practise.

In any aspect of life, learning the basics might be the most boring part, but you’ll know it’s worth it once you’re already playing on the field.

2. Practise more

You might have already heard this countless times, but practise makes perfect. It doesn’t have to be a team practise, since you can still learn a lot if you practise on your own.

Before practise, you should focus on your weak points so that you can improve your skills one at a time. Instead of doing all drills every time, try mastering one first before you move on.

And as you get to know yourself when playing, you will easily adjust to whatever situation may arise. Additionally, try practising at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week instead of spending 2 whole days.


3. Use the proper gear

Have you been collecting classic football shirts over the years? Unfortunately, it’s not advisable for you to wear collectible items when playing, unless you’re okay ruining them.

Instead, you can buy complete football gear that you can use when practising and playing. Just make sure you have a different set of clothes for practise and actual games. That way, you’ll not be going to look dirty in front of many people.

Aside from shirts and shorts, you’ll also need shin guards, cleats, long socks, a water bottle, a bag, and a ball. But if you’re a goalkeeper, you should also need gloves.

4. Be an expert on passing

Not yet sure how to pass the ball to your teammate? Then you’ll just need more practise. It’s better if you have a friend or teammate who’s an expert with ball passing so they can teach you about the techniques.

On the other hand, if no one’s available to help you, then you can always pass the ball to a concrete wall outside your house. It may not be as easy as the first one, but you’ll get better in the long run.

During an actual game, you shouldn’t hesitate to pass the ball to your teammate or even to the goal if you ever have the opportunity.


5. Hit the goal once in a while

As mentioned before, never hesitate to reach for the goal if there’s an opportunity. However, it’s necessary that you also know what to do if that happens. For instance, if someone passes you the ball, and you’re open for a goal, you should know where you want the ball to go.

Rather than figuring out what the goalkeeper will do, you should have a plan that the goalkeeper won’t expect.

Give yourself some time to practise many different scenarios where you’re given the chance to kick for the goal.

6. Focus on defense

When the time comes that you manage to know your way on defense, then you’ll be able to do various stunts while on the field.

However, as a beginner, all you need to do right now is to learn how defense works. So how will you be able to get the ball back to your team? Should you plan it first? Well, it’s not that easy especially when you don’t have much experience, but a great team will always find a way.

So if you think your team has great chemistry, then it’ll work out one way or another.


7. Enjoy the game

There’s nothing more satisfying when at the end of the game, whether you win or lose, you know you enjoyed it.

Playing football, or any other sport is not just about being competitive and winning. Sometimes, you’ll just have to appreciate everyone’s time and effort to achieve the goal.

So even if you don’t get to be the kind of player you’ve been dreaming of, you should continue playing and enjoy every game.


It takes time to be the best of anything, but for now, take one step at a time. Meanwhile, your classic football shirts are just waiting to cheer you up! So don’t forget to share with us your experience in playing football for the first time by commenting below!


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