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Points to Remember for Loan Against Property Interest Rate in 2022

A loan against property allows borrowers to leverage their properties and access a significant loan amount to manage multiple financial requirements. Since it is a secured credit instrument, the interest rate on loans against property is competitive, unlike unsecured credit options. However, individuals must note specific points about the interest rate on LAP before availing the same.

4 points to remember for the interest rate on loan against property

Prospective borrowers can go through the following points about the interest rate on a property loan before applying for one:

  • Applicant’s financial profile

Lenders usually check applicants’ financial standing before sanctioning a loan against property. This covers borrowers’ income, type of employment, age, credit utilisation ratio, FOIR, and other ongoing debt obligations. 

For example, a lender will charge a higher interest rate on older borrowers with irregular income streams than younger borrowers earning a fixed income and bearing strong repayment capacity. 

Besides, applicants’ credit scores also play an influential role in determining their creditworthiness. A healthy CIBIL or credit score of 750 and above allows them to negotiate with lenders to provide a loan against property at an affordable interest rate and vice versa. 

  • Location and type of the mortgaged property 

One of the factors that affect the interest rate for LAP is the property type and location. Before sanctioning LAP, a financial institution evaluates the mortgaged property’s condition, location, documentation, etc. 

For instance, the interest rate on loans against property differs with residential and commercial types. Besides, a housing property in a favourable location with multiple amenities will attract a higher resale value. Consequently, a financial institution will charge a lower interest rate to retrieve financial loss in case of default in repayment. 

Moreover, a property’s age also determines the interest rate on LAP. In other words, financial institutions will usually charge higher interest rates on older mortgaged property. 

  • Loan quantum 

Lenders can usually extend the LTV ratio in loan against property up to 80% after considering the mortgaged property’s market value. This makes LAP a high-value loan amount that involves the risk of default in repayment. Thus, lenders may charge a higher interest rate on a substantial fund sanctioned under a loan against property

Therefore, borrowers must remember to evaluate the loan amount beforehand to lower the borrowing cost. In this case, individuals can utilise a LAP EMI calculator. Borrowers can easily find this online extended by several leading financial institutions. This helps to compute monthly instalments in just a few clicks, allowing borrowers to estimate the loan amount in advance to manage finances effectively. 

  • Repayment tenor 

One of the factors to consider while taking a loan against property is to review the repayment tenor. Individuals must note that LAP requires a long-term financial commitment as it usually features a long tenor. This often compels borrowers to opt for a short tenor, which fetches a higher interest rate. In that case, debtors may go for a loan against property at a long repayment window. This usually comes at cheaper EMIs but leads to higher interest outgo in the long run.  

Again, an online tool like a loan against property calculator can help borrowers determine which repayment tenor to select that fits one’s repayment capacity. This, in turn, helps them to repay the loan amount punctually throughout the tenor.

Several leading financial institutions extend a high-quantum loan amount at convenient repayment terms and a lower interest rate. 

Moreover, some of them even provide pre-approved offers, which simplifies the application against property and saves time. These offers are available on secured and unsecured financial products. Prospective borrowers can check their pre-approved offers by submitting their name and contact number. 

A loan against property is an affordable financial solution to manage the monetary crunch. Knowing about these pointers will further help borrowers enjoy a lower interest rate on loans against property.

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