Popular Activities to Explore in Atlanta

Well, if the answer to the above questions is a big yes, then don’t worry, you have come to the right place. For the best flight and hotel deals, check out American Airlines Español flights on their website. Along with that, we have prepared a perfect list of activities you can enjoy in one of the most beautiful destinations, Atlanta. Read this article till the end to know everything that the city has to offer.

Do you need a break from your daily routine? Are you also looking for a vacation away from the city where you can leave all your worries aside? Have you also been making plans and canceling them because it takes too much time to plan?

Hop-On Skyview Ferris Wheel

Atlanta is a gorgeous place to be at. The sky-high buildings, the amazing architecture, and the greenery spread across the town are mesmerizing. To get the best view and soak it in, you can hop on the Skyview Ferris Wheel. This ride is a 200 feet tall adventure you would not want to miss. Additionally, to add to this adventure, you can purchase a slightly expensive VIP ticket and get the glass floor view from the top. The wheel has a total of 42 gondolas for you to choose from and see the city from a completely different angle.

Fountains at Centennial Olympic Park

Fountains are anyway beautiful to look at. But in Atlanta, visit the Centennial Olympic Park after the sun goes down and the city lights up. The fountains are spread across the park and are mesmerizing to look at at night. The light goes on, and the basic fountains in the day become magical at this hour. The best part is that your kids can run, dance, and enjoy these fountains to the fullest. Just remember to carry extra clothes and towels in case you have such plans. Sit by the benches laid down in the park and have a small family picnic.

Bowling At Midtown Bowl

In Atlanta, you get to have a lot of fun. You can play outdoor as well as indoor games in almost every neighboring. At midtown bowl, you can enjoy bowling with your friends and have a crisp head-to-head competition. Midtown bowl has been in operations for six decades and, over the years, became a favorite spot for locals as well as tourists. Midtown also has a cafe that serves delicious, steaming hot, finger-licking snacks.

Heavy Metal Karaoke At Dark Horse Tavern

Don’t we all love karaoke? Well, you can sing your heart out at Dark Horse Tavern. The place is known for its heavy metal music. The place welcomes guests till 3 am on weekdays. So you can get there late after you have had fun in the city and put a perfect end to the night. However, we will recommend you to come prepared. Check out their playlist of the day on the official website of the Dark Horse Tavern. This way you can choose your most favorite song from the list and grab that mic.

Sleep Under the Sea at the Aquarium 

Georgia Aquarium will give you an experience you will never be able to forget. This is why it attracts the maximum number of tourists and locals. The aquarium has a huge range of fishes, sharks, and other sea animals. The highlight here is the sweet sleeping spot provided. You can lie down under a glass tank and enjoy the sea creatures moving above you. When you make your reservation, you get snacks and breakfast while you have a mesmerizing night here. Bring your kids along with you and enjoy the beauty and calm the aquarium has to offer.

Movie Date At Starlight Drive-In

There is nothing more romantic than a perfect set-up movie date. You can surprise your partner with one at Starlight Drive-in. You don’t have to dress up if you don’t feel like it. Here you can enjoy a movie while sitting inside your car. Just book a parking spot, and the management will connect the sound to your car radio. Remember that at Starlight, you can’t make advance bookings. So it is always better to reach early and grab the perfect spot. Also, don’t forget to bring your own snacks to munch on.

Get Relaxed At Duluth And Lounge

After a long, tiring, and adventurous day, go for a wonderful spa at Duluth and Lounge. The best part is that the place is open till midnight. So you can end your day with a relaxing massage. Duluth and Lounge are known for their Korean massage that is worth trying. Bring your family along and enjoy it. Additionally, you can also enjoy the Krena cruise served at the restaurant outside the spa.

Roller Skating In Golden Glide

To add more adventure to your trip to Atlanta, visit the Golden Glide and enjoy roller skating. If you are not into roller skating, you can take a seat at the rinks and enjoy the stunts and performances of the experts. Along with that, many DJs also perform live at Golden Glide. So visit the place before the clock strikes 3 am, rent skates for just $3, pay the entry fee of $8, and enjoy this activity with your family and friends.

Stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Garden

atlanta botanical garden is the perfect place to visit on this vacation for nature lovers. The garden has a huge variety of flora, and everywhere you look, you see colors and beauty at their best. Highlights of these gardens include the Orchid Display House, Rose Garden, and the Japanese Garden. If you are coming here with your kids, they have a special garden built especially for them. You and your kid can enjoy a treetop view of the whole place and join other activities.

Atlanta is a good vacation spot for family vacations. So, without wasting another second, book your flights with United Airlines En Español and get amazing vacation packages that include flights, hotels, and rentals. You can book just flights for their website for the most affordable rates if you make your bookings in advance.

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