Practice Yoga Poses For Depression and Anxiety and Feels Happier!

When someone battles with depression, it feels like they are fighting for life. Yoga assists you in stopping struggling.

The advantages of doing yoga for your mental and physical health are well known to everyone. Outcomes of recently done studies have found out that yoga assists in enhancing the symptoms of any anxiety order. This is one of the conditions that is characterized by worry and nervousness.

Breathing exercises, relaxing exercises and meditation together can improve symptoms of this condition. A good yoga school in Rishikesh prioritizes all kinds of breathing exercises that help in keeping your mind calm. When your mind is calm, your body will remain calm.

Stress, anxiety and fear – all these if we start counting when we experienced all these, we might lose counting. For example, getting pressure because of the board exam, getting nervous while facing the first interview and many more. A little bit of fear is always ok, but it is required to remain disciplined, focused, and dynamic.

The issue starts when this fear becomes obstinate and so daunting that it starts interfering in our life. Then it turns to be our anxiety disorder, which is a state of uneasiness that needs treatment. This is where some of the yoga poses can help.

You should keep in mind that yoga alone cannot help in treating depression or anxiety disorder. After consultation with the doctor, it must be accompanied by some medicines. The doctor would assess you and assist you in understanding what kind of anxiety disorder you have, like panic disorder, post-traumatic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and others.

Before knowing about the yoga poses for curing anxiety and depression, let us know about some of the significant symptoms of anxiety disorder:

  • You get a panic feeling along with uneasiness and scare.
  • You become uncontrolled and have some obsessive feelings about the traumatic experiences.
  • You wake up with some nightmares.
  • You get problems sleeping.
  • You tend to wash your hands frequently.
  • You get palpitations.

How yoga helps in getting over anxiety and depression disorders?

Regular practicing of yoga helps you in staying calm and relaxed and also gives you the strength to face events when they come without getting restless. Yoga sessions mainly include a complete package of asana, pranayama, meditation, and ancient yoga philosophy that helps several patients facing anxiety recover and live life with all positivity and a lot of strength.

It’s possible to welcome a positive life and overcome all fear by performing yoga every day.

Here are few yoga poses that assist you in maintaining calmness and settling down your mind:

Curb your anxiety with these yoga poses:

  • Camel pose: Also known as ustarasana, a camel pose assist in releasing all stress and enhance blood circulation all through the body. When blood circulation increases, it implies a good supply of oxygen, which can be healing for both your mind as well as body.
  • Bridge pose: Similar to camel pose, a bridge pose, also called Setu bandhasana, assist in enhancing the blood circulation in your body. It opens the front of your spine and heart that help decrease stress, and put a calming effect on your mind.
  • Butterfly pose: An effortless and essential yoga posture stretches your groin and inner thigh. Do this asana by keeping your spine in an erect position, and it assists in releasing tension and have a very calming effect on your body.
  • Seated forward bends: Also called paschimottan asana, these seated forward bend helps in opening the back of legs and your spine. Take some deep breaths while doing this pose, and it helps in decreasing stress and anxiety.
  • Cat cow pose: Marjarisana is a pose that assists you in releasing some tension from your spine. This yoga pose also enhances flexibility and keeps your mind and body calm.
  • Child pose: It is also called balasana and is highly a relaxing pose. It rejuvenates your body. You can also do this yoga pose for achieving some relief from both back and neck pain.
  • Bow pose: Dhanurasana offers you a good body stretch. It opens up your shoulder, neck and chest and assists in releasing some tensions from the areas.
  • Corpse: This is one of the best yoga poses for getting relief from stress, anxiety and for decreasing symptoms of depression. Also known as Shavasana, it can be done as the last pose of a yoga session. One can also do meditation while doing a corpse pose. It helps in relaxing and recharging your body.
  • Extended triangle pose or utthita trikonasana: Most of the yoga experts from yoga schools in Rishikesh recommend triangle pose, as well as an extended triangle pose as one of the best postures for all beginners.

The extended triangle pose helps in combating depression and anxiety. It is observed as a pose that allows you to better cope with life when it is challenging. Now, if you are thinking about how it works? Well! By tilting your body, you will distribute the energy flow and assist you in feeling calmer and highly balanced.

  • Half-moon pose: Ardha Chandrasana is not an easy pose, but it has several benefits when the matter is about utilizing yoga for mental health improvement. This posture is an excellent pose where it encourages calm and soothing energy that enters your body and helps you relax.

A half-moon opens up your body, encourages the best posture and enhances self-esteem.

Legs up in the wall or viparita Karani: If you want to calm down your busy mind, then there is no such pose that is as potent as the legs up the wall pose.

Besides all these yoga poses, you should also practice some important breathing exercises such as meditation or pranayama. Yoga increases your body flexibility and also assist you in losing some weight.

The correct yoga class for you!

Yoga is present in several styles, so go through the class description well before signing up. Yoga put focus on physical pose, meditation and breathing techniques. A 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh offers you the best training on yoga poses.

If you want some online sessions, then there are several ways to know if the style of yoga is good for you or not. When you join a yoga class, allow the teacher to know well about your concerns and physical limits. A yoga instructor assists you adjust all possess as required.

Researchers have not found the ideal amount of yoga, but just an hour-long class in a week is best for starting. Always start with a few poses and then develop your practice very slowly.

Studies have already proved that with more yoga sessions you do in a week, all of your symptoms might go disappeared. But never make the mistake of overdoing it. Always stay in tune with your body and mind. Try different styles o classes so that you find the right fit.

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