Pregnancy now: How it with medical assistance is better

Having a conception is different for different couples. For some of them, it just takes place while some have to make a plan for it. And some of them have to take medical support for it. For couples who have to see a doctor at a fertility or IVF clinic in Rajouri Garden (Delhi) or their locality, the time is better now. 

In the current world, infertile couples (childless couples) like you have better testing and treatment options. Doctors feel at ease while treating couples with fertility problems as they are sure about the treatment success based on different factors such as age and the root cause. Have a look at the changes happened in fertility treatments:       

Advancement in embryo screening 

IVF or in vitro fertilisation is time consuming, expensive treatment and physically & emotionally challenging. However, it is a ray of hope for couples trying to become parents. Doctors can check the health of an embryo before transferring it into a female’s uterus. 

Here it means aspiring parents who have gone through several steps of the IVF treatment can select the embryo with a higher implantation chance. If an embryo transfer is successful, the likelihood of having a baby is higher. The embryo test or screening has two forms – pre-implantation screening and pre-implantation diagnosis. These two screenings help to detect chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome and genetic issue carriers.

These tests have been in medical practice for several years. Now, medical experts have an advanced technology – microarray CGH – that enables them to conduct the above tests at the same time. With this, the embryo has lower risks and more yielding and accurate results. Further, technical advancements in developing embryos outside of the uterus have enabled reproductive health experts to do these tests on cells after removal from the embryo.         

The advancements have facilitated experts to have more success rates after the implantation. And the rise in success rates means childless or infertile couples can be more assured of having a baby through IVF or allied ART treatment solutions. 

Improved egg-freezing technique 

Freezing eggs for bearing children in the future could be scientific fiction for some females. The egg-freezing technique has been in use for around a decade. Experts were not aware of how the procedure would be successful at that time. 

In the present time, frozen eggs make women pregnant through IVF like the one extracted just before the process of fertilisation. It is really good news for women who wish to preserve their fertility and become a mother later on in their life. Now, with this technology, doctors can help you freeze your eggs at a younger stage when you are more focused on your study or profession. The advancement in egg-freezing technique is going on. And it could be possible to freeze eggs at the age of 25 and use the frozen egg to get pregnant at the age of 45 in future. 

Uncertainty over coverage 

As fertility treatments are expensive and many health insurance policies do not cover the same, couples have some uncertainty. Governments and authorities in many countries across the world have started taking steps to cover more health issues in insurance policies. It is expected that there would be a day when all fertility treatments come under health insurance policies to facilitate couples in their parenthood journey. 

How to make your fertility treatment more affordable for you 

As per your test results, your doctor suggests you the most suitable fertility treatment options such as IVF and IUI. Usually, these treatment options are expensive and beyond reach for many of you. However, you can make your fertility treatment affordable for you: 

  • Buy a health insurance plan that covers fertility treatments and hospital stay 
  • Talk to the HR department of your company to get some medical facility 
  • Create a fertility fund and start depositing some amount in it every month as you know about your fertility problems 
  • Schedule your treatment in advance so that you can make financial arrangements 


The time keeps changing. With advancements in time, a change happens in almost every field. And reproductive health and treatment options for fertility issues are among them. Having a conception with medical assistance is more comfortable and reachable now. And couples like you can make it affordable with little changes in your finance and insurance policy. 

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