Premium quality Fall Protection Systems by Dutest

A fall protection system primarily comprises of a system which should be put in place so that a worker doesn’t lose his or her balance at height; in any given situation. The fall protection system is dedicated to providing a safer work experience and environment. Having a good quality fall protection system in place reduces the risk of injuries and helps in preventing accidents. 

Falls are a leading cause of workplace fatalities for construction workers. Globally, one-third of construction deaths are linked to falls from an elevation. These accidents lead to large economic losses and cause pain and suffering. 

Dutest is a prominent supplier of fall protection systems in the UAE. Along with being supplier of premium quality lifting equipment, they are also recognized for third party inspections of the lifting equipment across the UAE. Established in the year 1980, Dutest comes from years of experience and has made its mark in the construction, oil and gas, engineering and manufacturing industries in the region. 

Their wide range of fall protection systems include full body harness, fall arrestor blocks and other safety equipment. These products comply with the highest international standards and are certified. Their extensive range of safety equipment is available all around the UAE. Dutest strives to provide a safe and secure work environment for all the work force in the UAE. Dedicated towards delivering user-friendly and reliable solutions it aims to prevent fall hazards. 

Fall protection systems are mandatory to use if the worker is working beyond a height of 6 feet. Although before installing a fall protection system in place, it should be thoroughly inspected and approved for maximum utilization of the equipment in the long run. Some of the commonly used fall protection system includes vertical life line system, horizontal life line system etc. 

Dutest believes in evaluating each fall hazard to determine the best fall protection method. Their services are known to provide a complete array of options for the diverse and multi segmented market. Aiming towards delivering a highly customer centric service for their clients, they have emerged as a marketing leader in lifting solutions. 

Dutest is one of the most experienced and reliable third party inspection companies and supplier of lifting equipment in the UAE. Dutest provides complete range of fixed life line system in the UAE. They understand the local market and the importance of occupational safety in different work places.

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Dutest is one of the best and reputed lifting equipment manufacturer in the UAE who offers an enormous range of different types of lifting equipment such as shackles, wire rope slings, wire rope, chain slings & fittings, webbing, round slings, a force measuring equipment, fixed line systems and many more. Inspected in 1980, this company has many years of experience in offering unmatched quality lifting equipment and reliable third-party inspection services throughout the UAE.

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