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Pressure Reducing Valve : An amazing Equipement

Water from municipal’s water source enters our house under very high pressure. If we let this water in our house with such high pressure. It could burst our pipeline and sometimes, even cause a heavy explosion. We must therefore use a Pressure Reducing Valve to regulate the water pressure.

Pressure Reducing Valve – How Does it Work?

The Pressure Reducing Valve, as its name implies, controls the pressure of the water from the municipal water source to our water pipe. The pressure is maintained in a way that is safe for our expensive equipment. The material used to make it is sturdy and durable so that it can withstand the high pressure force it is constantly being exposed to.

In order to regulate the pressure within the system, a spring-actuated valve system is built inside the PRV. The spring-activated valve system is connected to a diaphragm. In a pipeline, diaphragms control the flow of liquid. They maintain consistent pressure throughout.

Water from the municipal water source pushes against the diaphragm, and the spring forces the diaphragm the other way. The water does not come out with as much pressure as it enters the pipeline.

Depending on your needs, you can also increase or decrease the water pressure. Start by loosening the lock nut. Turn the screw clockwise in increment position to increase the water flow, or counterclockwise in increment position if you want to decrease the pressure. After adjusting your desired water pressure, tighten the nut.

Installation of Pressure Reducing Valve

Water pressure reducing valves are basically installed to reduce any damage caused by pressurization. They also reduce water consumption. We should maintain the pressure during installation; this reduces any fluctuations.

Water pressure reducing valves are primarily used to protect residential installations from industrial applications.

Everyone knows that a lot of water is wasted due to high pressure. That is why this equipment is so crucial. There are two main types of water pressure reducing valves. One is a direct acting valve, while the other is a pilot operated valve. Both of them have a body that looks like a globe or an angle. Typically, valves used on smaller diameter pipes are made of brass while those used on larger diameter pipes are made of ductile iron.

The main function of the water pressure reducing valve is to reduce the water pressure, so when it reaches the water tap, the water pressure is reduced to normal levels. It is important that the valve is the right size or it may cause various problems. A valve that is too small generally produces noise. If the valve is too small, the pressure may not be reduced to the desired levels. The valves should be selected based on various specifications, such as flow range and pressure range. Depending on the configuration, the pressure valve may be end-to-end or parallel. That depends on the pressure of the water in the main reservoir. Unregulated high pressure will eventually result in water waste if the valve is not installed.

Final Touch

An essential tool, water pressure reducing valves can be found in almost every household and in any place where water is needed. In addition to reducing pressure, they also regulate water flow. Their main purpose is to maintain pressure. In addition, if the difference between the main reservoir and the household tap pressure is great, then two-way regulators should be used instead of one. They can easily handle such a large pressure difference. If you need a continuous water supply but the pressure should be less, then you would need to incorporate a parallel installation.

Does Your Home Need a Pressure Reducing Valve?

Your plumbing system may not have a pressure reducing valve in an older home. Pressure reducing valves reduce the pressure of incoming water to a level that can be handled by your home’s plumbing system. This keeps your water source and plumbing safe.

What does a pressure reducing valve do?

Water from a municipality can arrive at a pressure that is higher than what a residential plumbing system can handle. In the event that the water pressure is not checked, it can cause damage to more sensitive residential plumbing. The damage can occur to valves such as faucet valves, which will leak, causing a constant drip in the sink. Furthermore, high-pressure water can damage appliances, such as the water heater, which was never designed to handle it. Water heaters with high pressure can significantly reduce their lifespan.

When water pressure is high enough, it can also cause a leak in your home if the weak spot is in a part of the system that is indoors. Nobody wants a flood in their home!

How does a pressure reducing valve work at home?

Just before any faucets or devices, a pressure reducing valve can be installed on the water main. This will ensure that all fixtures receive water at a slower rate. It is ideal for water pressure to be no higher than 60 pounds per square inch. A gate in the pressure reducing valve will reduce the water pressure before it can cause damage if the water pressure is higher on the city side.

How long does a pressure reducing valve last?

Three to five years is the average lifespan of a pressure reducing valve. Homes with a faulty pressure reducing valve may experience problems. The homeowner should replace the pressure reducer valve if he notices that it isn’t working.

Signs a pressure reducing valve is bad

Water pressure that is low or no pressure are some signs that a pressure reducer is defective. Other symptoms include water hammers, thumping, or chattering in the pipes. High pressure is another sign the pressure reducer has failed. The valve itself may also leak if there is a leak outdoors near the pressure reducer. The cause could be something as benign as noticing that you have a lot more plumbing repairs than usual.

Unless the homeowner has some plumbing or soldering skills, it is best to have a professional plumber install a pressure reducing valve. With pressure reducing valve, your water pressure will be reduced to a level that is safer for your plumbing system.

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