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  • Private family wall
  • Stridepost Kids app for iOS and Android devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stridepost?

Stridepost is a family app built on three key features to keep families organized and motivated. Our online to-do tracker, family calendar, and custom rewards planner work together to help set expectations with your family.

How do my kids use Stridepost?

Your kids will use Stridepost by downloading our mobile app (keyword: Stridepost Kids). It’s available for iPhones, iPads, iTouches and Android smartphones and tablets. After you set up your kid’s account, they can log in with the username and password you’ve set for them. They’ll be able to see and take action on events, to-dos, and rewards you or other adults assign to them.

On which devices does Stridepost work?

Parents can log into Stridepost Parents using a Chrome web browser on any device. Or, they can download the Stridepost Parents app onto their iOS or Android device. Kids can download the Stridepost Kids app onto their iPhones, iPads, iTouches, and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Can I invite other adults to our family?

When you set up your account, you can invite other adults in your family member set up tab. Fill in their name and e-mail and hit Invite. They’ll receive an invite in their inbox to activate their account. Once they’re in, they can access the Family Dashboard to add events, to-dos, and rewards. However, they will not be able to add kids or adjust their weekly points budgets. The family account owner is the only one that has those rights for now.

How does the allowance tracker work?

You have the power to build each kids’ rewards catalog to suit your family or kid. You can include family rewards such as cash, special dates, movie nights or online rewards through the Amazon store. You or your kids can put any of the catalog rewards onto their wish list. When kids have enough points, they can redeem their points for a reward.

How much does Stridepost cost?

You can use Stridepost for free 90 days! After your free trial, Stridepost will be available for a $49.99 annual subscription.

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