Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Architects

All practising architects must have professional indemnity insurance, either personally or through an employer’s plan. Practicing architects can offer their skills through authorised corporations, as subcontractors to other architects. In any case, they must be protected by professional indemnity insurance, either through their own coverage or through the policy of the architect hiring their services.


The price of this form of insurance varies depending on a variety of variables, including the number of employees you have, your company’s overall turnover, and the coverage options you choose (e.g. Policy Limit, level of Excess, coverage options you choose etc.)


What is insurance for professional indemnity?


Professional indemnity insurance (PI) guards against financial loss after a claim by a disgruntled customer and pays for the architect’s legal defence expenses and compensatory damages.


Why is Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance necessary?


Professionals, who are referred to as “experts” in their line of work, are legally held to a higher standard of qualifications than average people. As a result, an expert may be held liable for breach of professional responsibility if a client suffers loss as a result of the specialist’s failure to maintain professionalism. Any type of loss is possible, including material, financial, and even physical loss.


Some disputes can take up to five years to resolve, costing a lot in legal fees as well as possible damages. In this situation, PI insurance is useful because it may be costly to defend against a claim. Even if you successfully defend a case, you will still be “out of pocket” because most courts only order the losing party to pay a percentage of the opposing party’s legal costs.


Who might be a prospective applicant for PI insurance?


To safeguard their professional and private assets, most lawyers, physicians, accountants, financial advisors, and web developers obtain PI policies. To protect their employees, professionals and enterprises are now purchasing PI plans, which have been expanded to a wide range of industries.


While the majority of insurance plans are discretionary purchases, some PI plans are mandated by law for specific professionals in order to operate their businesses.


To accommodate for the differences in each business, the majority of insurers now offer industry-specific insurance plans. In order to do this, you must make sure that your PI Insurance is assigned to an insurer that offers a specialised Architects PI Policy Wording.


Why should you choose Express Insurance for your professional indemnity insurance?


Because of our efficient quoting process, we can immediately search the market for the best insurance offer. Our PI specialists will negotiate the most appropriate coverage and affordable premium for you because they have relationships with all PI Insurers on the market. Additionally, we can offer quotes and set up your office insurance, public liability insurance, and other business insurances you need.


Policy Specifics



The number of employees you employ and your turnover determine the PI and PL premiums, respectively. In both cases, there is a minimum premium that all insurers charge.


For both kinds of insurance, we think we have negotiated very reasonable premiums, and we’ll keep an eye on market premium levels to make sure that’s still the case.


Due to different stamp duty rates between states, premiums vary; nonetheless, our professional indemnity minimum total premiums ($1M cover) start at $983. (incl. GST).



You should have at least a minimal amount of Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance for your own protection and from a compliance standpoint. If the services you offer to a client result in a claim against that client, they will typically consider making a claim against the provider. Your protection will come from PI insurance if this happens.


The insurance application procedure has been created so that it only takes 5 minutes to complete. The majority of the time, your application will be promptly approved online, and you may print your Confirmation of Insurance to show clients and potential customers that you are properly covered. It’s that simple! All other supporting materials, including your tax invoice, the insurance schedule, and the wording, will be sent to you via email for your records.


We will typically get in touch with you the same day if we need further information before we can issue the policy.



You will receive a renewal reminder email with a link around a month before your policy is due to be renewed, allowing you to examine your previous years’ coverage and renew the policy even faster!


* In order to ensure that the majority of applications are accepted automatically, we have reduced the number of referral circumstances. However, if you have a history of claims or work in a high-risk industry, we will get in touch with you to help you finish your application in person with the insurer.



Express Insurance, acting as agent for CGU Professional Risks, Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 doing business as CGU Insurance, has arranged your insurance coverage.


The IAG Firm, the top general insurance group in Australasia and an ASX Top 50 company, includes CGU. IAG’s operations employ 15,000 employees worldwide and underwrite about $7.8 billion in premium annually.


One of the biggest intermediary-based general insurers in Australia, CGU has been offering insurance to Australians for approximately 160 years. Over 500,000 Australian residences and one million private motor vehicles are among the more than three million policies they insure overall.


CGU retains capital above and beyond what Australia’s Prudential Regulator mandates in order to support the long-term viability of their firm (APRA).


Donation to charity

Every time an online application for an architect’s policy is submitted, a gift is made to MND Australia.


Motor Neurone Disease: What It Is (MND)

The term “motor neurone disease” refers to a set of illnesses in which the neurones, or nerve cells, that regulate the muscles that allow humans to move, speak, breathe, and swallow, malfunction.


What signs are present?

Early signs and symptoms can include stumbling due to weak leg muscles, having trouble holding objects due to weak hand muscles, slurring speech, or having trouble swallowing due to weak tongue and throat muscles.


When is MND discovered?

Early on in the disease, a number of different disorders can resemble motor neurone disease. A neurological expert’s opinion and frequently a number of in-depth tests are required for the diagnosis.


What does not change?

The majority of the time, neither the intellect nor memory, not the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch, are impacted. Although the condition does not affect the bowels or the bladder, nutrition and exercise should be closely controlled. Some MND patients who have PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis) have urine urgency.


Is there a treatment or a cure for MND?

Although there is currently no treatment, concerted research is being conducted worldwide, and hopeful advancements are being made.


What is attainable?

Family, friends, general practitioners, neurologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, dieticians, home care nurses, social workers, palliative care workers, community care services, and MND Associations in each state and territory are just a few examples of the support groups available.


Where can I obtain further details?

The Motor Neurone Disease Association in your state or your neurologist can provide details on hereditary causes, the many kinds of MND, and responses to a number of commonly asked questions.


If you want to know if your major is covered, please contact Hanhan 



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