Proper Ways To Exterminate Bed Bugs From Your Home

Even though bed bugs are typically five millimetres in length, they tend to be tough, smart and can reproduce pretty fast. Since bed bugs tend to be smart, they know where they should be hiding, so that they can avoid human detection. Moreover, they can live for months inside your home and a healthy female can easily lay more than 500 eggs in her entire lifetime. 

The good news is that – with proper techniques, you can get rid of bedbugs. And that’s what we’re going to discuss in this comprehensive guide. So, without much wasting time, let’s dive right into the primary topic at hand. 

Tips For Detecting Bed Bugs

Before you decide to eliminate the bed bugs, you must detect them first. And to do that, we suggest following the below-mentioned recommendations:

  • Look for places that are isolated & dark, as they offer the most amount of protection to bed bugs.
  • If you find any signs of infestation, be sure to check the adjoining rooms or areas. Bed bugs leave trails of faecal materials wherever they go. 

Ideal Methods To Eliminate Bed Bugs From Your House

  • Proceed To De-Clutter Your Home Interiors

According to a professional service provider for carpet cleaning in Adelaide, one of the best ways through which you can eliminate bed bugs is by destroying their hiding places. And what’s a good way to do that than decluttering your home interiors. 

Bed bugs tend to hide inside clothing, toys, carpets, rugs, furniture, closets and so on. That means, if you can make your home interiors neat & tidy, it’ll only be a matter of time when you have to deal with no bed bugs at your home. 

  • Provide A Thorough Washing

When you have a bed bug infestation at your home, it’ll be the ideal time to clean your towels, clothing, bedsheets, rugs and carpets. You can proceed to wash them in hot water, which will kill any bed bug hiding inside the fibres. 

However, do remember to carefully clean your rugs or carpets, because too much hot water can damage the overall integrity of your carpets and rugs. In case you’re not accustomed to using DIY methods for your cleaning needs, then you can proceed to hire a professional carpet cleaner for the same. 

  • Giving Your Furniture A Thorough Cleaning

Since bed bugs can hide underneath or inside furniture items in your home, then it’s time to perform a thorough cleaning of your furniture items. You can simply use commercial cleaners for the same or you can use a mixture of warm water, baking soda and vinegar. It’s up to you whether you want to select chemically-laden products or use organic cleaning solutions. 

  • Using Insecticides Inside Hiding Places

Since bed bugs can hide inside every nook & cranny of your house, it can become truly impossible to get rid of them if you don’t know the proper procedures. That’s why you need to disturb every hiding place in your home so that you can be sure that you’ve successfully eliminated them. 

To do that, you can either use organic or inorganic insecticides. Insecticides are pretty capable of killing bed bugs right away and you’ll not have to worry about a single thing. 

  • Practising Proper Cleaning Methods

You must take your cleaning process very seriously, especially when vacuuming your home interiors. Ideally, you’d want to reach every possible corner or crevice in your home, so that you can eliminate the bed bugs. In case you’re not sure about how to go on with your task, you can hire a professional cleaning service for the same. 

And that’s how you can effectively deal with bed bugs at your home. 

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