Qualities that make a Great UI/UX Designer (and it’s not just creativity!)

When you first start learning UI/UX Design, one of the first things you’ll be told is to be creative and push boundaries. And that’s good advice! But great UI/UX Designers are not just creative – they are creative AND have many other skills. So what are those skills? What should you learn? In this article, I’m going to tell you  the qualities that make a great UI/UX Designer and teach you how to improve in each of them!


1) A great designer thinks from the user’s perspective


First and foremost, you should always be thinking about how your designs will improve user experience. Don’t get too hung up on how you think things should work or what you would do if you were building an app—think about how your users will want to interact with your product. Ask questions, observe others using software products and services, look at what’s popular in apps on app stores, talk to actual users and potential customers. Remember: At its core, UX is all about people.


2) A great designer has empathy


Being able to understand who your users are and how they will interact with your product is a crucial first step to being able to design for them. A great designer knows their users and cares about making them happy. As Steve Jobs said, Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. The best designers don’t only consider aesthetics when thinking of their user experience, but think holistically about their product – asking themselves questions like: What could go wrong?


3) A great designer understands visual hierarchy


Designers with exceptional attention to detail are able to communicate their unique vision clearly, regardless of their medium. It’s crucial to understand visual hierarchy when designing software interfaces, whether you’re an expert in Web design or mobile apps. Visual hierarchy is a concept in design and communication theory that refers to how viewers perceive and interpret visual elements in terms of importance. Simply put, it’s about order: deciding what should stand out from what should be less obvious or invisible.


4) A great designer knows how to plan before designing

The first step in creating a great user experience is having one. The designer’s responsibility is to conduct research, talk to users, and understand business goals—all before sitting down at their desk. Great designers ensure they have all of their questions answered so they can design accordingly. It’s impossible to design without knowing what you are designing for!


5) A great designer knows how to prototype before coding


A great designer knows how to build and develop wireframes. They’re also able to present their ideas through prototypes—which, while they might be lo-fi and unrefined, are still really effective at conveying functionality and structure. In fact, when we surveyed our customers about what was most valuable in a design partner, being able to prototype was one of the top 3 qualities they were looking for. If you want to be an exceptional designer, you need to know how to prototype before you code.


Wrapping Up


The most important thing you can do, though, is to hire a UI/UX design company in India with both excellent creative skills and an incredible breadth of expertise.  A great UI/UX designer will understand your product inside and out, will be able to interpret your vision in a way that’s compelling for your users, and will be able to translate those ideas into wireframes or prototypes—or even fully-functional code that leads you to the big win!


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