Real YouTube Video Promotion
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Real YouTube Video Promotion


With organisations big and small, using video content to connect customers and drive new prospects is still a shockingly under-utilized tactic. Not only is it affordable to utilise, but video content can be used in a variety of ways and is simple to share on social media.

What is the best way to real YouTube video promotion  describe video marketing? Is it just another type of advertising, or does it have its own distinct features?

For businesses trying to attract clients through social media, video marketing has become a valuable tool. According to HubSpot, nearly 80% of consumers watch some form of video at least once per month.

Video marketing is a type of Internet marketing that entails developing and publishing videos to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Increase brand exposure, generate leads, enhance sales, and improve customer service with video marketing. Marketers should generate quality content that engages viewers and inspires them to take action, rather than simply posting random movies on the internet.

Here are five ideas, coupled with examples of organisations that are doing it right:

  1. Tell your company’s story: What distinguishes you from the competition? Video is a powerful visual medium for conveying emotion and a mission statement. Check out this post by if you’re passionate about your company and its products. Wistia With video, learn how to tell your company’s story in under 90 seconds. Make a similar move with your goods and brand.
  2. Create a video diary or podcast: Video diaries can cover a wide range of topics. They can be single-chapter endeavours that cover a single event, journey, or odyssey, or multi-chaptered ventures that cover a single event, trip, or odyssey. Video diaries are a terrific method to demonstrate a brand’s or company’s inside, relaxed perspective. The “Why Xerox” film campaign, which was intended to promote the company’s student intern programme, is an excellent example of this. Interns at Xerox create and submit video diaries about their experience at the firm, which are promoted on the company’s website and YouTube channel.
  3. Use video to highlight your products: An excellent example is Outdoor Research’s current The Love Letter series, which follows two climbers, Fitz and Becca Cahall, on their 300-mile journey through the Sierras. Not only did the climbers use Outdoor Research gear, but the film was widely shared on the Outdoor Research YouTube channel and highly promoted on the company’s website and social media platforms, resulting in numerous media mentions and undoubtedly new followers and customers.
  4. Use Video Humor to Drive Traffic: When it comes to Internet humour, just one site comes to mind: Cracked! Cracked distributes various video series dubbed “Cracked Video Series,” with the motto “America’s Only Humor Site Since 1958.” the Steamy Awards’ Audience Choice Award Since its inception, the series has resulted in significant gains in both site traffic and ad income.
  5. Use video to reach out to customers: is well-known for its in-depth video product tutorials. But with their new Video Experience series, they’ve truly hit it out of the park. Zappos has made it easy for its customers to offer comments regarding their experience with Zappos and its products by sharing information about their best resource, a fervent customer base.

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