Reasons Why Should Take Road Trip To London Next Winter

Do you really want to visit London this winter? You have a chance to make the most of your trip and find many interesting things to do. Of course, winter is a time for different winter attractions, outdoor sports, and many more cool things to do. So, how about visiting London? Some people think that London is sleepy in winter and comes back to life only in the summertime. They are wrong. Of course, summer is the most popular tourist season. Good weather encourages people to festivals, picnics, active leisure. When winter comes, the days become shorter, but no less interesting.

Skating Rink In Fountain Court at Somerset House, London


Is London worth visiting in winter?

Note that winter in London is the coldest season. It normally lasts from December to February. Winter London attracts tourists with its cheap prices, no crowds, and rather pleasant weather. What are you going to do here in winter? You can do everything, including visiting local cafes for coffee and evening pubs to a drink. Don’t forget about fabulous activities during your trip you may have if you hire a car. Go online and check if a rental company has 8-seater cars for hire in London. Buses and minivans are good for big families and friendly companies, who need a lot of space in the car. Also, large cars are good for excursions. No problem if you are traveling alone. An experienced manager will help you to find the best car for the cheapest price. Don’t you know that cars for hire are cheaper in winter?

London Christmas Lights


Why come to London in winter

If you are not sure about to come to take your big family to London or not, consider these reasons and get your question WHY? answered. 

London Christmas

  1. Prices for hotels, flights, cars are low

It was already told that you can hire a car for a really cheap price in the winter season. What is more, the prices for flights and hotels are also pretty low. Do you want to cut the price yet more? Try to book flights, cars, and hotels for about two months before you go. Go online and see that it doesn’t take much time to hire a 7-seater or even a business-class car for an affordable price. Why? It’s winter! Tourists don’t like traveling in the off-season. 

  1. Tourists attractions are freely available

London is a big city and noisy all year round. There are crowds of people everywhere. You can’t get a cheap ticket to the museum or gallery. Visiting London in winter you will be pleasantly surprised that all the tourist attractions are quiet and freely available. How about visiting the National Gallery or Tate Modern? No long lines and screaming people. When hiring a car you can avoid crowds even more than you wanted. Don’t forget to add an umbrella to your luggage. The winter weather is changeable, you know.

  1. Bright and colorful Christmas decorations

It is not a secret that all the big cities and capitals are colorfully decorated for Christmas. It’s really nice to see the city at such a festive time. Don’t forget about street markets and performances! One of the most popular city spots where people come for inspiration is Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. Come and check!

  1. Shopping!

A shopping mood is needed! Where to drive for shopping? Obviously, all the main streets attract people with their numerous shops and blinking shop windows. The best shopping spots can be found in Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Notting Hill. By the way, stop the car at Ben’s Cookies if you suddenly feel hungry.

Hyde park winter wonderland

  1. Afternoon tea

Hunting for the attractions for the whole day, you should find some time to gather your family together for tea. There is no better way to relax and warm up in winter than drinking tea. It’s so typical for Londoners, you know. By the way, afternoon tea is a whole ceremony and not cheap in London. Luckily, there are places where you can drink tea with pleasure and for cheap. If you hire a car, it is not a problem for you to go to the Garden Cafe inside the V&A Museum. Take a cup of aromatic tea, drop some milk, pick cakes and sandwiches. Enjoy!

  1. Street markets

Open-air markets are popular in the UK in winter. You can find them in every big street and square all over the city. You will never miss one. The market places are usually well-decorated, bright and noisy. If you want to find something special for the present, go to Covent Garden or find Portobello Road Market.

  1. Skating

Outdoor activities are popular in London. Of course, it is difficult to find a place to skate in the UK capital, but still, you can take your family to have fun at the skating rink. Actually, outdoor skating rinks are often met here and there in the city. They are available during the winter months. Go to Hampton Court Palace or Westfield London.

If you are tired during the day, you need to find a good place to dine. Don’t worry. London is full of atmospheric restaurants and cafes when people can relax and discuss everything they saw during the day for dinner. In winter begins to get dark at 4:00 pm. Consider this fact and try to find a good restaurant for this time.


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