Bone Grafting

Reasons Why You May Need Bone Grafting Near me

People in Aurora could not even realize they were missing a tooth, making it seem like it wasn’t a huge concern. This is especially true if they don’t even see the gap in their smile. However, even if the tooth does not affect the smile’s aesthetics, it still needs to be replaced because there are some functional reasons for it to be done so. For instance, the jawbone recedes when a tooth is extracted because there is nothing there to drive its growth. This process is known as resorption. Oral surgeons now have access to modern technology that makes bone grafting near me a straightforward process.

This allows them to encourage jawbone growth once more, allowing patients to continue to take pleasure in their smiles for many years to come. However, bone grafting is sometimes necessary for people, both for cosmetic and functional reasons, and here are some of the reasons why.

The absence of a tooth

Bone grafting will likely be required if a tooth is missing, regardless of whether the tooth was removed surgically or was knocked out unintentionally. If a person does not have any teeth to support their jawbone, the jawbone will gradually deteriorate over time, making it difficult to get dental implants in the future. Bone grafting can both replace and prevent loss of jawbone, which helps to reinforce the area around the missing tooth and provides patients with other options for replacing the tooth.

Periodontal Disease

The jawbone can become brittle, and teeth might become loose due to periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease. The good news is that periodontal disease can be treated or even reversed, and bone grafting is an option for restoring the foundation for teeth that are healthy and strong. When a patient in Aurora has tooth loss; one of the first treatment options they typically explore is getting a dental implant. However, suppose the patient has been suffering from periodontal disease for an extended period. In that case, bone grafting may be required to strengthen the bone; and ensure that implants can be supported by it.

Misalignment of the Teeth

It’s true; teeth that aren’t appropriately aligned might lead to bone loss over time. In addition, if teeth are allowed to remain out of place or if they over-erupt; the stimulation to the bone that surrounds the teeth may gradually decrease if the teeth are not realigned. There are a variety of approaches to straightening teeth, each with its own set of benefits. However, bone grafting may still be necessary to guarantee that the teeth will have sufficient support once realigned.

Implants in the mouth require bone to function correctly.

The most critical factor in determining whether or not a patient in Aurora; needs bone grafting is whether or not they will benefit from having dental implants. There is a possibility that getting implants will become necessary due to all of the factors mentioned above. However, if the bone supporting the implant is not strong enough, implants may not even be conceivable. Bone grafting is a procedure that can restore bone even; if it has been absent for a considerable amount of time; thanks to the advancements in technology in recent years. Patients will be able to have dental implants once the supporting structure has been repaired. This will allow them to go about their day with a happy and healthier smile.

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