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Responsive Web Designs: Need of the Hour!

Website responsiveness comes into the picture when you have to reckon visitor traffic, SEO ranking, high user engagement, and better conversion rates. In case the website is not optimized for specific devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, or smart TVs, then be ready to lose visitors who could’ve been potential customers for your business.
The rapid rise in mobile phone users has led to the requirement of responsive websites on a global note. Smartphone users around the world crossed the 2 billion in 2016 and at the same time took the mobile traffic also to a raking high. It is estimated that approximately 79% of online searches are done using mobile devices.
Henceforth, web designs need to be more responsive as per the widely acknowledged web development trend these days. Even Google launched an absolutely new search engine algorithm that measures a website’s mobile responsiveness as one of the factors to determine the rank in search results.
The said ranking algorithm supports websites that are mobile-friendly. On the contrary, unresponsive websites are left with no space in the top ranks on the search engine results page.
This article brings you every needed detail about responsive websites and the benefits of responsive website design services.

About Web Responsiveness

Ask your own self, how irritating would it be if you had to browse a website urgently on your mobile device and the site took ages to load! This is what’s known as an unresponsive website and trust us it’s a nightmare! The users/visitors have to adjust by zooming in, tapping out the irresponsive buttons, and so on.
So basically, a responsive web design is something that confers smooth functionality and a great user interface to a website that efficiently adapts to the device it’s being browsed on, no matter if it has to be a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.
The main aim of responsive web development is to create website content irrespective of the device or screen size to keep the users from manually adjusting the necessities to browse the website.

Responsive website design practices

We are surrounded by a multi-screen world. And, that’s the sole reason you have to invest in a responsive website for your business so that it never has to settle for any less and your site remains viewable through any and every device worldwide.
An ecommerce website design company with trending and responsive website design practices enables the website designers and developers to make a website version with one HTML code for every device and CSS for layout adaptation.

Read the below mentioned best practices used by responsive web design services:

Eliminate all redundant content

It’s important to delete all of the content or codes which are of no use and are simply taking space, rather keep the features that confer flexibility and functionality. Focus on navigation menus, product categories required visual media, etc.

Create mobile-friendly sites

There’s no denying that a website HAS TO BE mobile-friendly keeping in view the huge number of mobile users today.

Fine graphics

Web designers at the best eCommerce website design company will suggest resizing the graphics because too large images which are complex or in landscape mode are not loaded properly on smaller screens.

Prioritize the content

Most often this factor is neglected by web developers. Prioritizing the content on your website in an organized manner provides a seamless browsing experience to the visitors. A responsive web design agency uses content inventory to efficiently list all the elements based on their importance.

Benefits of Responsive Websites

A responsive web design agency provides a variety of websites with responsive designs that will take away all your woes and worries about your dream website. Apart from solving all your website-related issues, a responsive web design will just change the way it looks on every kind of device.


With responsive websites, you save much money because you don’t have to create and maintain separate sites for PCs and laptops. Invest once and satisfy the visitors all over the world no matter which device they use.

Enhanced user experience

Keep your website properly optimized both for mobiles and for search engines. As flawless user experience is the only major factor that’ll keep the visitors coming back to your site for more.

Local exposure

It is estimated that 94% of smartphones users browse for local information on their mobile devices. Responsive website design services work with a fully structured website development strategy to create responsive designs that allow the users to benefit from a quick and seamless search experience.

Sky-high conversion rates

A responsive website that is mobile-friendly with a great user experience is the key to higher conversion rates since the average smartphone conversion rates are approximately 64% greater than that of the PCs’.

Better search rankings

It’s not hidden to the world of techies that Google’s search algorithm only supports responsive websites, plus the sites that are faster to load and have optimized content.

Easy to maintain

It’s easy to maintain a responsive website with the help of a good ecommerce website design company. The team will spend more time and energy on necessary tasks and less on maintenance.


The large size of population around the world has now access to the internet and that too at their fingertips all day long. All thanks to the significantly growing number of smartphone users.
Browsing the internet on phones requires responsive websites and creating great responsive web designs requires responsive web design services. The best ecommerce website design company will provide versatility in website development with improved user experience.
Therefore, if you want your business to take the leap you always dreamed of, it’s the right time you consult a reputed e-commerce website design company for professional help in creating the most amazing and unique responsive website. Seeking professional help takes your website’s SEO, user engagement, and conversion rate to another level of success.

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