A Love So Beautiful

Review of A Love So Beautiful Drama

A Love So Beautiful

Review of A Love So Beautiful Drama Well. I’ll tell you what, fellas. With this cute little drama, I believe I’ve found a very good rival for your affections.Furthermore, I genuinely believe it makes no difference if you don’t typically watch Chinese dramas. I’m pretty sure kdrama enthusiasts would find it simple to adore this one as well.

Because it has recognisable features that will make it feel more approachable to the typical fan of Korean dramas; to me, this show reminds me of Weightlifting Fairy. A lovely child was born as a result of a union between Kim Bok Joo, Answer Me 1988, and Playful Kiss.You know, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I nearly missed this lovely little show.I was having trouble with Chinese youth dramas in particular, despite my newly discovered appreciation for Chinese dramas in general, and I was on the verge of concluding that maybe Chinese youth dramas weren’t for me


Happily, though, this show didn’t give up on me. It kept popping up in my line of vision, along with generally positive reactions from viewers, and before long, I was intrigued enough to actually give this one a try.I dived in hoping for the best, and I’m so pleased that I did, coz this lil show turned out to be so easy to love. Let me explain, as spoiler-free as I can in this area, how this programme makes me think of many well-known and, for the most part, well-liked kdramas.

A Love So Beautiful

Now, one of the things that used to annoy me about the Playful Kiss series is that in that tale, Boy is too cold and too cruel, while Girl voluntarily accepts the cruel treatment and goes on to centre her entire life around Boy.Thankfully, that isn’t the situation here. Boy is a bit on the distant side in this situation, but he not only has a good reason for it, but also shows concern and affection much earlier in our story and in a much more obvious way.


Happily, despite the fact that Girl wears her heart on her sleeve, she has her own goals, doesn’t centre her life around Boy, and isn’t afraid to stomp on him if she thinks he’s wronged her. I really enjoyed these variations.With a similar angst-lite, earnest, friendly, slice-of-life vibe to Weightlifting Fairy, Show primarily concentrates on commonplace, familiar topics like school, friends, family, and – of course – youthful love. I really enjoyed that.Show also has a nostalgic feel to it since our journey begins in 2005. Show doesn’t make a big issue out of the nostalgia because it isn’t the major attraction, but I appreciated the sober attention to detail.

A Love So Beautiful

With the advancement of the mobile phone models that our characters were using and in the fashion of their attire, I could see that time had passedAll of this gave our drama world a gorgeous sentimental gloss that made me think of the Answer Me series’ lovely retro-futuristic vibe.I specifically choose Answer Me 1988 because Deok Sun (Hye Ri) from AM88 reminds me of our female lead, Xiao Xi (Shen Yue), thanks to their comparable hairstyles and awkward demeanour.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Additionally, both characters have strong social networks of  friends and family members and are generally well-like. Personally, I think Shen Yue is a more promising actress, so it was also a win in my book.Overall, this programme offers up a lot of well-known characteristics that I frequently enjoy, not just in kdramas but pretty much anyplace.Even though this show isn’t particularly good, it was nonetheless enjoyable to watch. It was very simple to watch, with each episode lasting roughly 40 minutes for a total of 23 episodes (episode 24 is a special).

A Love So Beautiful

Here is a brief summary of my favourite aspects of it Everything in this drama universe is straightforward and angst-free which I really like.Nothing earth-shattering happens in this dramaverse; we simply follow a group of young pals as they struggle to  with the difficulties of life.Additionally, the fact that Show begins its narrative in 2005—a peri that seems simpler now—to the film’s ordinary, slightly nostalgic charm.I had a great time submerging myself in this charming drama world, which is further enhanced by the cheery Spring hue and light music.


Although the show intend to a cultural showcase, there are a few small. almost incidental things that pop up that teach us about Chinese culture.These kinds of elements probably also appear in other Chinese dramas, but because I only truly noticed them in this drama, I thought  it out in my review.We occasionally see images of the children filling up their water bottles at the water station for instance.The water bottles would typically be fill with  or tepi water in any other culture. However, in this instance we frequently see the children leaving the water station carrying steaming thermos bottles of hot water which is extremely Chinese.

A Love So Beautiful

We learn about the type of cuisine that is frequently found in Chinese breakfasts through brief breakfast scenes   just references of break Truns and dough fritters.These small things gave me a little joy  a Chinese . He It reside in China and who doesn’t frequently pause to consider the particulars of Chinese culture.

Everything’s warm & easy-breezy

I’ll go into more detail about each of our key characters in a moment. but for now I just wanted to say that I thought them all to be adorale and likea in their own unique ways.Recently while watching The Package where it took me longer than usual to warm up to any of the characters. I reminded once more of how crucial it is for viewers to connect with the characters. In this show I didn’t experience any such problems.

Early on in my viewing. I developed a strong affection for these people. and as the series’ finale drew near. I began to feel distinctively nostalgic because I didn’t want to conclude my trip with them.The relationships between our five primary characters don’t truly develop with time. best friends Xiao Xi and Jing Xiao (Wang Zi Wei) have the strongest bonds.But as the episode progresses, these 5 individuals truly develop into a group of close friends who sincerely care about one another. and I found it rewarding to see how they became closer.One of my favourite aspects of this show quickly became the relationship among the five of them.

The characters

Everyone in Xiao Xi’s orbit actually kicks into gear to do everything they can to obtain. her the Man U tickets for her birthday after she makes it known that she wants. them in order to take Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian) to the game.Bo آهنگ تتلو سربار (Gao Zhi Ting) spends a lot.of money on BBQ in an effort to get his senior to agree to get the tickets for him. Dad ends up buying fake tickets on the black market. Bestie Jing Xiao sacrifices her breakfast money for the chance to get the tickets. Lu Yang (Sun Ning) tries to use his network to get the tickets.

A Love So Beautiful

The main topic of this episode appears to be friendship.  the group of friends helps one another through the numerous issues that arise. Xiao Xi’s worry over her father’s potential extramarital affair. Lu Yang’s obsession with receiving his false award. Bo Song’s swimming competition.It’s lovely to see the friends sticking together through it all. even when there is naiveté or idiocy involved with only the rare initial. eye-roll serving as judgement Everything is just really amicable. which I find to be very nice.When the friends learn that Lu Yang was the victim of bullying. they get together to support him and console him by each telling. their own embarrassing memories That is really sweet.



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