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It’s not uncommon for kids to lack the motivation to be proactive and responsible. But what if you gave them a tangible incentive they can actually see and work toward? That’s what our Allowance & Rewards Tracker does.

When you set up your kids’ accounts, set a weekly allowance to work toward as they get their to-dos finished. When things get done, they earn points (if you choose). On Sundays, points earned throughout the week are deposited into the kids’ accounts. They can then redeem for rewards that you or your kids set up.

Both parents and kids add rewards, so it’s completely customizable to your family. Kids can redeem their points for cash, rewards from the Amazon store, deposit into a savings account or donate to their favorite organization. Rewards for kids can be as simple as extra screen time or as big as saving up for a new iPad.

Using rewards as extrinsic motivators can be very effective until your kids develop that inner motivation and desire to do it on their own. Giving your kids the option of working towards an end-goal of their choice gives them the autonomy we’re hoping for them, and teaches them how to responsibly and independently navigate their future.

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