Rubber Equine Mats Why Should You Use Them

Rubber Equine Mats: Why Should You Use Them?

In general, rubber equine mats are made of low-quality materials that do not aid in water absorption. If the horse is forced to remain on the wet mat for an extended period of time, his foot may develop fungal and bacterial infections, which are harmful to the horse’s health.

Apart from that, these rubber equine mats can be quite damaging to the animals’ hooves. Because it won’t be able to communicate their discomfort to you, it’s up to you to select the appropriate mat for your pet. The horse mat should neither be too soft or too hard for the horse to be comfortable.

Too hard will hurt the horse’s hooves, while too soft will make it difficult for the horse to move around easily. You should select a material that is suitable for a horse’s hooves. Horse rubber matting is an excellent choice because it is neither too hard nor too soft, but just suitable for the horse’s hooves.


It is critical to have such matting that aids in the horse’s overall wellness. Mats composed of organic materials, such as raw jute, should not be used since they can develop fungus and germs if exposed to water for an extended period of time.

Easy to clean

Horse mats should be simple to clean and maintain, as this is critical for the horse’s health. Rubber equine mats are very easy to clean and dry rapidly. Furthermore, they are resistant to staining.

Rubber Equine Mats: Why Should You Use Them?

When deciding what type of flooring to choose for your barn, safety should always come first. Rubber equine mats, rather than straw bedding or other materials, will lower the chance of injury and create a more sanitary sleeping environment for your horses.

Some of the advantages of using rubber equine mats are as follows:

• Make the ground level. There’s no need to be concerned about stall dips or holes caused by pawing or circling.

• Anti-slip properties. When the floor is soaked with urine, rubber provides more traction.

• The environment is cleaner. The stalls are readily mucked, and the matting are free of mould or mildew.

• It serves as a cushion. It functions as a shock absorber, making the joints and traumas less painful.

• Offers protection from the elements. It adds an extra layer of warmth, which is very useful in the winter.

Whether you own a horse or are thinking about obtaining one, you will need to learn a lot about how to care for them. Horse owners are taught how to feed, water, and groom their horses, but there are other vital things they should be aware of. For example, the stall should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Horse mats are one way to make this easier. Rubber Equine Mats for horses are placed on the stall’s floor so that the horse can stand safely and securely on them.

Additionally, such mats might be placed on the stall’s walls and doors. Because the mats absorb impact, the horse will not get any unintended injury. Even if the horse collides with a wall, the impact will be significantly less severe. Horses require some attention, which can entail a lot of difficulty, time, and work.

Carrying straw or chips, as well as loading and unloading wheel barrows, is difficult. This can result in hand injuries, strained muscles, and blisters. Horse matting, thankfully, make things a lot easier. They are relatively simple to transport from one location to another. It’s incredibly easy and quick to clean them.

As a result, using horse mats will save you money because you will not have to pay for bedding on a regular basis. These mats come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can pick the right one for your needs, whether you want to cover the entire stable or just a small section.

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