Safe sea-surfing tips to follow religiously

Around 250,000 surfers surf on the seas regularly. But we see more than hundreds of accidents each year too. What’s the reason behind this? Don’t get us wrong! Surfing is a great sport with so much positivity and excitement. But sometimes even such a fantastic sport can turn into distaste if you aren’t following the safety rules properly.

Some safe sea surfing tips that you should never miss following

If you want to be safe even when surfing seamlessly on the sea waves, you have to follow certain safety rules:

  • Get the best quality solid surfboard

Your level of safety also depends highly upon the surfing equipment that you use. Your surfboard for example should be of top-notch quality and in excellent condition. If it is lighter than what is required for a standard surfing experience or the shape is a little bent or tilted, then obviously you will face problems while surfing on it and might even lose your balance. That is why you should ensure to buy only the best quality surfboards from The Board Barn, the surf shop online in the UK that guarantees you good surfing equipment at reasonable rates delivered straight to your doorsteps.

  • Surf with a mate

If you are still unsure of your surfing experience and are totally new to this sport, then you should always try and surf with a mate. Not only will it be super fun with a companion, but you also feel safer and can immediately seek help in case of an emergency.

  • Surf between the boundaries 

There are always flags installed by the beach officials at regular intervals for surfers. Make it a point to never ever cross this border under any condition. It might be really dangerous.

  • Always check the weather before surfing 

Storms and heavy winds are absolutely a big no-no while you’re surfing. These can actually make your balance go kaput and you might end up being heavily injured. Always check the weather conditions carefully before jumping on your surfboard.

  • Know your limits

Facing challenges is awesome. But you should definitely know your limits when you are surfing. Remember, it is not child’s play, you are carrying out really tough and adventurous water sports. A single mistake from your end can cost you your life. So, always surf within your limits and as per your expertise.

  • Wear the right wetsuit

There is a different kind of suit for various water sports. For surfing, your wetsuit should keep you warm and even protected from scratches and scrapes. So, get the one specially designed for surfing.

  • Always wear a leash

It might seem unnecessary, but a leash is designed especially to keep you protected and safe on your surfboard. Ensure that you are wearing it without fail each time you surf.

We know you always intend to enjoy yourself to the hilt when you’re surfing. So, just keep in mind to be safe as well. Only after that, you can be lucky enough to keep surfing for years and enjoy it too without any regrettable memories. 

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