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In college and schools, there is one thing we always have to deal with. Those are assignments. Assignments are the hardest thing to do and submitting them within the headlines is the hardest. There are many possibilities of missing out on the deadline. You may have caught up with some other academic work or can’t finish the work. There are many students who pull an all-nighter for completing an assignment and still aren’t able to finish the work. Sometimes you might miss the deadline and be late for submission. At that time, you don’t know how to handle that situation. Don’t panic!! Relax and follow these useful hacks on how to do it when you are late for the submission process. or get help from professional at ABC Homework Help

Communicate in advance:

If you know you are going to be late in submission, let your teacher or instructor know that. It is always best to inform them beforehand. Many teachers will appreciate this effort. At least you are better than the student who came up with the lame excuses last time. They will be more understanding and might feel impressed by how true you are in doing academic work. There are two ways where you can inform your instructor about it. You can send an apology email or Meet them in person. If you are doing an online education there is no other option, than to send an email.

Explain yourself:

Whether in email or in person, it is important to explain yourself. The reason you are submitting late should be reasonable and not the lame one. The best way to explain it would be why things aren’t going the way you want. Don’t put blame on anyone or come up with stupid excuses. Honesty is the best policy to handle this type of situation. You should realize that your teachers have years and years of experience in their field. They will come across the late submissions pretty much all day. So, they don’t buy your unreasonable excuses. Behave professionally and admit you are late. Explain yourself briefly. If your reason sounds genuine you will definitely get a chance to resubmit your assignment.

Request for an option:

If you feel like you are going to miss the deadline, you can request another option that is available. That option may be extending the deadline, doing extra work, and so on. Make sure you will do the resubmission without any delay. Communicate with them often until your resubmission. Update the status of your work constantly. It will show your sincerity towards your work. The penalties for the late submission vary according to the college you are studying. Every institution has its own penalty for late submissions. If you are lucky enough, your teacher might cut some slack on you. So, always take responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t try to trick your teacher. If they find out, the only thing you will have is a teacher’s bad impression of you. You won’t get a second chance too.

Writing an email:

The apologetic email for the late submission is nothing like a normal email. There is a specific format to do it. Remember, you have to send it in advance. First, apologize for the late submission. Then explain the reason which got you into the late submission. Don’t make your email lengthy by adding unnecessary details. It should be a professional one and straight to the point. If you don’t know how to write one, there are many online templates available online. You can edit those out and send them. Check the tone of your email. It should sound polite and respectful. Don’t use friendly tones and slang in your email. Even though you are close to your professor, keeping it professional is the right way for an apology email.

How to avoid being late:

The best way to avoid being late is to start your assignment earlier. Starting it one week from the deadline will help you to finish it earlier. You can get extra time for correcting mistakes and submitting them. The main reason for late submission is not taking the academic work seriously. You should realize these are the only ways to get some credit points. It is a great chance that will show your writing and creative thinking to your teacher. Be aware of what is happening in the class. Prepare a schedule for all of your assignments. Set a reminder for the recent ones. It will help you to not miss out on any assignments that are due. If you are not sure about any assignments you can ask your classmate or your teacher. Set a deadline before the actual deadline for yourself for completing an assignment. If you know you have another schedule that makes you busy, you can complete your assignment whenever you get free time. Don’t accept any other work when you are already tight on schedule. Keep in mind that assignments are as important as your academic examinations. at last seeking college homework help will be a good option if you still running late.

What not to do:

  • Some students will ignore submitting their work if it is late. You may think that the late submission is not accepted. You might get a chance for acceptance. Don’t do that. Even if you are past the deadline, submit your work.
  • Do not lie to your teacher. If they find out, you have to face much bigger consequences than you expected.
  • Don’t stay silent if you are late to the submission. Communicate with your teacher earlier. Staying mute and showing up on delayed submission will anger up your professor or your instructor.
  • Make sure you ensure your teacher, this will not repeat again.
  • Also, make sure you do not repeat this again. Once or twice is excusable but doing it every time is not appropriate. You will create a bad impression if you continue this behavior.
  • Don’t blame others. Shifting your blame on others will only show your lack of confidence.


Missing deadlines is definitely a serious problem for students. You will not only face deadlines in college. You will also have to work on multiple projects within a certain deadline. Hope this article will guide you through the late submission. Study well! All the best!!

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