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Selecting an Appropriate School for Your Ward

Finding a good school for their children is one of the toughest challenges for any parent nowadays. Students planning to shift from one city to another or from one school to another also find it challenging to choose a school that provides desired quality and growth. Quality schooling promotes top-notch education, creative skills, and abilities and helps students discover their interests and talents.

Parents and guardians always wish to opt for the best schools for their children. However, certain factors need consideration before selecting the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon. Faculty expertise, Curriculum content, extracurricular activities, and emphasis on creative abilities are traits that one should look for when choosing a school for their children.

Why Consider The CBSE Board Compared to Other Boards?

In case you want school admission in Gurgaon and wondering if CBSE is a good choice for you, please consider the following about CBSE as a board for education:

  • CBSE is widely acceptable across Indian Universities and forms the basis for most entrance exams in India. Medical and engineering entrance exams are better suited to the CBSE curriculum.
  • Generally, all schools in Gurgaon have a CBSE board affiliation. Such schools produce excellent results.

Compared to the ICSE board, the CBSE curriculum is comparatively Simpler, compact, and efficiently structured. It also offers multiple subject options for students.

Factors to be considered for selecting the best CBSE school in Gurgaon:

  • Teaching practices and facilities: A student spends most of his learning time in school. Schools these days must follow pedagogical practices using the latest facilities on school premises.
  • Faculty experience and expertise: Experienced faculty members have a vast knowledge of the subjects. Their expertise makes the classes more engaging. Students stay interested and motivated to learn.
  • Extracurricular activities: Schools that promote extracurricular activities are preferred. Check for inclusion of various programs such as creative learning programs, art integrated teaching, performing arts, sports, and other life skills. Students carry such skills to lead a successful career after school as well.
  • Alignment with NEP: NEP visualizes an education system that promotes education and learning based on application, developing skills, and making students job-ready. Schools with a focus on the practical application of knowledge are preferred.
  • Connection with NGOs: Active participation in NGO events and projects ensures concepts of mutual growth, inclusiveness, and collaboration among young students and instills empathy in students.

For school admission in Gurgaon, one should look at whether a given school includes all the above traits.


  • What are the other board options other than CBSE? 

Other less popular boards include State Boards, ICSE, CISCE, NIOS, etc.


  • What is the meaning of the “best 5” rule in CBSE?

The best 5 rule in CBSE explains that a student’s percentage consists of a vernacular subject and four other papers where the student has scored the highest marks. Marks scored in the remaining exams are ignored while calculating the final percentage of marks.


  • Which books are followed by the CBSE board?

CBSE board prescribes NCERT books.


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