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How To Choose A Punching Bag?

Sorts Of Bags:

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How To Choose A Punching Bag?

You can find punching sacks in various materials, sizes and shapes; almost certainly, you will have a confounded outlook on which model to pick. Consequently, in this article, we will assist you with picking the most reasonable pack.

 First, you should characterize where you will put your sack; for packs that are swung from help (we will call them ordinary sacks), you want a base space that permits the development of the pack and yours. You should think about the length of the help and the level of your roof. Remember that it is prudent to introduce it on a shaft or section since the roofs or walls commonly don’t uphold the weight and will often fall. The establishment should a subject be done by an individual and uses the fitting embellishments that help the weight.


You can find sacks made of Genuine Leather, Canvas or Artificial Leather (PU, PVC) and which is better? There are a few characteristics of counterfeit calfskin, and it relies significantly upon the organization that fabricates them. So it is generally prudent to go to particular spots.

  • The benefit of Premium Polyurethane over certifiable cowhide is that it is much less expensive, upkeep is more straightforward, and solidness is comparative. It is likewise a biological material, and no creature is hurt while delivering the material.
  • While picking a punching bag, you shouldn’t just see the surface; it is suggested that you look at its creases, inside covering and holds. They must be thick and look durable and solid.
  • We don’t suggest material or PVC-type materials since they are endlessly unpleasant. This will end the existence out of your glove and will likewise be entirely awkward while kicking or elbowing. In like manner, they are not exceptionally impervious to dampness, they are not stylish by any means. They don’t uphold a lot of weight since, as the material is unbending, the creases will generally give way a brief time frame.


The cushioning is an essential piece of the sack; many individuals accept that they ought to be loaded up with sand; nonetheless, this will just bring wounds and issues. The sand is harsh; over the long run, it gets wet and turns out to be considerably more enthusiastically. Hitting a pack of this sort will harm your joints, and you won’t get any advantage. Additionally, as a rule, the sand emerges from the sack, which is genuinely awkward while preparing.

  • You should utilize a material that ingests the effect and that doesn’t sink when you hit it. It should be reliable and very much conveyed all through the pack. Here we detail the most utilized fillings :
  • The pieces of texture it is maybe the most well-known; you need to attempt to get little pieces and spot them so that the pack is smaller; you need to pour a bit and smash the texture; the thought is that it is uniform, it is an exceptionally drawn-out and confounded work. You can utilize cotton or engineered pieces, but assuming you require more weight, we suggest using manufactured material. The issue with this filling is that it is hard to minimize and will generally be highly delicate.
  • If you need a big, robust and complex coat, you can utilize scrap calfskin. Be that as it may, be careful, these kinds of packs are truly hard, so assuming that you are simply beginning, I wouldn’t suggest it. It is more than anything for proficient or high-level contenders who now have time to prepare with sacks.
  • At MMA Store, it gives you the Makoto brand sacks with a unique filling of froth + sand and texture scraps. This gives you the ideal weight and hardness for experts and fledglings since the foam retains the effect of dealing with your joints. As far as it matters, the sand and texture give it the ideal consistency and weight for undeniable level preparation.

Sorts Of Bags:

  •  Straight Bag:

There are various states of punching bags. One of the most famous is the 1.2m sack, which can weigh roughly 35kg – 40kg. These sorts of packs are great for preparing rate, agility and response. Since being lighter, it will have more significant development, and you will want to rehearse evades, change of position, and so forth.

  • Banana Sack:

This sack is 1.8m and straight; its benefit is that it permits you to rehearse a wide range of shots. Particularly low kicks, which is why it is the number one Muay Thai specialist. Its weight should be between 60 – 100kg; this pack should be weighty; it should not have a lot of development. Since it should endure front kicks, high kicks, low kicks, elbows, knees, and so forth.

  • Drop Type Bag:

Because of its drop shape, it is Ideal for rehearsing knees and secures since it permits you to put your arms on the sack and clutch the chains or lashes (recreating the neck of your adversary). It is also excellent for rehearsing snares, as its shape makes it more straightforward for these kinds of strikes to enter, and it is also great for front and center kicks.

  • Wall Bag:

This sack is implanted in the wall, ideally in a segment and permits different mixes: snares, crossed, straight and even elbows and knees. Ideal to have a more specific work.

  • Point Bag:

This sort of sack is like the excellent Banana; the primary distinction is that it has a head with a slight tendency. It will make it more straightforward for you to prepare snares, knees and elbows. It is a highly flexible pack, yet it usually occupies more room than a banana. So it is a component you should consider while picking.

  • Base Bag:

The benefit of this pack is that it doesn’t require establishment; you simply place it, and you should fill the base with sand (this will give it superior strength); as of now, the body has a unique filling. It is excellent on the off chance that you don’t have a lot of room since it is static (not typical for traditional packs that have a specific development when hit, which you ought to consider while picking where to put it). This pack is a decent choice if you would instead not harm your wall by establishing a customary sack or you don’t have a lot of room.

  • Smaller than average Boxing Bag:

This kind of pack is to work speed, response and evades. Regardless of being negligible, it requires much room since it has a ton of development. You ought to get a long rope or chain and put it ideally on a high shaft. It is a sack for explicit preparation, which will assist you with working on your abilities.

Punching Bag Care:

  • Keep away from direct daylight and ideally place it inside
  • Clear off sweat after each instructional course
  • You can put some calfskin lotion on it.
  • Give upkeep to the metallic components of the sack (chains, carabiner, and so on); for this, you can utilize WD-40.

We trust that this guide feels a little unsure, and assuming you have them, leave us a remark, and we will settle it!

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