Seven Terrifying Amateur Bloggers Mistakes You Should Avoid

Blogging is undoubtedly a strong way to structure a content marketing plan. It is useful in sharing information about an array of products and services with your audience. But, there are chances of mistakes in blogging, especially when you are a novice. However, these mistakes may be little but can make a huge impact on the outcomes. Therefore, in the realm of blogging, there is no room for mistakes. As a newbie, you should not write amateur blogs that can make an adverse impact on the readers. For this, you must follow a good blog developing strategy to avoid mistakes. This post is going to tell you seven petrifying blogging mistakes that must be avoided at any cost.

Publish plagiarized content

One of the biggest mistakes that can become dangerous for your blog is plagiarized or duplicated content. Blogging is all about providing unique and fresh content to the readers. It will enable you to boost search engine traffic for the website you are writing for. But, if the content is matched to an already published source, it won’t work as per your expectations. Keep in mind that your content can even becomes duplicate if you re-publish your own content as same as the previous posts.


Use reliable plagiarized checking tools before publishing your content online. It will help you to remove any plagiarism from the content entirely.

Not adding valuable information

What’s the purpose of blogging? To provide value to the readers, right? But what if your blog does not have useful information for the users? It would not hit the right point of getting your website ranked in the search engines. So, it is a dangerous mistake that you should avoid as an amateur blogger. You should contain useful information about the products and services in the blog. It is also necessary to embed the blog with images to let readers understand it well.


Always ensure to publish high-quality content that could value your readers. Avoid hefty mistakes to publish futile content on your website.

Picking the wrong niche

Most beginner bloggers experience failure in their blogging careers due to this particular mistake. Choosing an appropriate blogging niche is imperative to make it worthwhile. The wrong blogging niche could make things complicated for you in the future. You must not run behind money-making blogging by choosing a niche that others are writing for. Your niche must be competitive to deliver unique information to the readers. You should also avoid choosing a niche that you do not have experience with.


Do some serious research to determine your blogging niche. Do not rush to write for any niche. But, settle for one that you think you can hit the ground hard.

Forget about social media

Here comes the turning point that could entirely change your blogging into professional writing. If you write interesting blogs, it is commendable. But, if you forget to publish it through social media, it is not praiseworthy. Social media has a great influence on readers. People spend many hours on these platforms to view different posts related to products and services. So, it is great to post your content on social media if you really want good conversions. As per experts, growing your blog is not possible without social media networks. So, what you must avoid is to ignore social media while posting your blogs.


Using social media is free. So, let’s use it as a stronger platform to reach a huge audience. Post your blogs online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach the maximum audience.

Wrong keywords selection

Selecting the wrong keywords is a deadly mistake that could lead to amateur blogs. If you are not using the right keywords in your blog posts, it won’t bring traffic to your posts. Despite posting the blogs regularly online, your blogging will go undermined. Therefore, you must use keywords that are appropriate for your blogging niche. For instance, if you write for real estate, then you must use keywords relating to this industry. It is advisable to use long-tail keywords as they have a better conversion rate than short-tail keywords. For example, Seattle Washington real estate would easily get a conversion rate higher than the keyword real estate only.


Always choose the right keywords to capture good search engine results. If you are new, switch to keywords finding apps online to make the chore easygoing.

Focusing on several niches

Do you think that it is right to write for many niches at the same time? If yes, then you are wrong. As a novice in blogging, you might think that you can make huge money by writing for several niches. But, it is not the case in reality. You have to establish yourself as an authority in the blogging industry. Therefore, it could become impossible for you to establish yourself as a reliable blogger. If you want to succeed in the long run, avoid this mistake at any cost. You must focus on one niche to become an expert in that. Remember, people will not listen to the new bloggers, but they will follow the expert bloggers. So, if you want them to follow your posts, you must become a professional blogger. It will also benefit you in many ways.

  1. You will have less competition for your niche.
  2. You can dominate your niche in a professional way.
  3. You can become an expert think-tank in your niche.
  4. You can build attractive and informative posts.
  5. You can increase visibility for your posts.
  6. You can attain a huge audience to follow your posts.


Focus on your goal to become a professional blogger. But not on money making only. Once you have followers, you can attain lucrative benefits for sure.

Deliver quantity than quality

It is a big blunder in the blogging realm that can shorten your blogging career certainly. Always deliver quality content instead of quantity. Keep the information concise but focused on the niche you want to write for. People love engaging content, but not lengthy and boring posts.


Proofread your content before publishing to check whether it conveys the message correctly.

The Final Say

Blogging is definitely an art to deliver engaging and useful information to your customers. So, it is not fair to create amateur blogs. Therefore, as a beginner, you must avoid these blogging mistakes that could prove dangerous for your blogging career.  

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