Signs your car requires a visit to the servicemen

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Yes, we accept it! No one likes to visit the mechanics. Certainly not when there’s nothing wrong with your car. Well, there are car owners even today who think there is no need for routine servicing and maintenance when the car is running fine! But logically, it’s best to service it once in three months at least to ensure that it runs smoothly and stays perfect. But if you’re too lazy for this visit, then at least rush to the mechanics when it shows some clear signs of distress.

Clear signs your car requires servicing

Before we move on further, let us emphasize what exactly car servicing means. It is very important to differentiate between repairing a vehicle and servicing it. When you are servicing a car, you are actually preventing any chances of repair and ensuring that everything is perfect in the vehicle. (Like your routine medical check-up). But there are times when you ignore this rule and that is when your car starts showing some signs of agony. If you are wise enough, you will catch these signs early. Otherwise, soon your car will turn into total junk, and you’ll have to hand it over to the car wreckers in Auckland like Scrap Cars who tend to buy and provide you good money for your old and damaged cars. Well, we are sure you don’t want this to happen. Then just keep an eye on these signs that your car may exude:

  • Weird sounds in the car

Even if your car doesn’t stop in between the drives unnecessarily, it may start growling and making some weird noises which means that it requires servicing. The reason may be because of low lubrication in the car, or the coolant needs checking, or it might be that any part of the engine is deteriorating. If you take your car to the mechanic immediately, then you can actually save a lot of expense in the near future.

  • Fuel leaking below the vehicle

Do you actually spot a large puddle below your vehicle each time you park it? Well, then your fuel is leaking generously. And you aren’t just losing a lot of money because of refilling it frequently, but there can actually be a very serious problem in your car. If you take a wise step at this time and take this vehicle to the mechanic for servicing, you can actually prevent a large problem in the car. Otherwise, replacement of the radiator, air filters, fuel pump, etc. may become necessary soon.

  • Vibration and friction in the car

Does your car vibrate each time you start it? Well, it may also happen in between the journey or whenever you speed up the vehicle. This is a very clear sign that your car needs servicing immediately. Again, the reason could be your engine oil or coolant which requires replacing or refilling or problems in the engine hose or wires. Don’t wait for the problem to turn into something bigger, visit a mechanic immediately.

Along with these major signs, you will also see that your car gives out black smoke in excess, the brake gets jammed suddenly, the car gets heated easily and the fuel gets over very soon. If all these signs persist, then please don’t ignore them — rush to the mechanic immediately.


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