Small vs. Large Bongs: Is Bigger Always Better?

When deciding whether to buy tiny bongs or large bongs, there are a number of things to take into account. To evaluate which size water pipe is appropriate for your requirements, let’s examine some of more notable distinctions of bongs Australia.

The Key Differences Between Small and Large Bongs

Comparing the salient distinctions between small and large bongs can be useful.

Some elements, like pricing, could stand out as clear distinctions. Other differences might not be as obvious.

Here are the top six issues to look out for when purchasing a new water pipe:


Simply said, larger bongs can accommodate more accessories in their larger size. Larger water pipes fit integrated elements like percolators and ice pinchers better than smaller bongs.

More accessories, such as quartz bangers, bubble bowls, and varied down stems, are also possible with bigger pipes.


According to an old proverb, larger objects fall harder. A bigger bong is a greater target and is, therefore, simpler to topple and smash.

Additionally, more complex bongs may be top-heavy and hence unstable.

Similar to little bongs, they may frequently be smashed and pushed over with ease. However, because of their modest size, they are easier to stow out of the way. They may be a little less prone to sustain harm as a result.

Overall, bong size is often not as crucial for durability as material and manufacturing quality. But if your large bongs keep breaking, it might be time to search for something smaller. Just a thought.

Smoothness of Hit

Think about the fundamentals of how a bong or water pipe operates. The smoke is cooled as it passes through the water, making the hit smoother when you inhale.

Therefore, it stands to reason that a larger bong will store more water and be more effective at chilling and filtering your hit.

Aroma of Smoke

Are you cool with using fruit juice or other similar liquids to flavor your bong smoke?

If so, you probably want to look at the bigger water pipes. Again, greater liquid storage space results in more flavor being added to your cigarette.

Price Suffix

Smaller water pipes will often be less expensive than bigger ones. They often have a simpler design and use less material than large bongs.

Expect some price variation while looking for a little or large bong. Smaller water pipes often retail for $50 to $100, depending on their individual characteristics.

Larger model bongs, on the other hand, may be substantially more expensive, with price tags that are close to $200 or more.

But as soon as we take a closer look at those exquisite pieces of glass art, everything changes. Even the tiniest bongs could be considerably more expensive than bigger pipes if they were created by a well-known glass craftsman.

Smoking Experience in General

In general, there isn’t much of a difference in the actual smoking experience between huge and tiny bongs. The smoke is cooled and filtered as it passes through the water chamber in a similar manner by both of them.

The larger amount of liquid in larger bongs may be the key difference, allowing for a slightly smoother hit. Other than that, smoking with water pipes of both sizes is comparable. Checkout Our Products pax 3 australia.

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