Some fun and interesting facts about tiles!

Whenever you are remodeling your home or constructing a new one, tiles might not actually be the first thing in your mind. However, eventually, you’ll think of it to adorn some areas of your bathroom and kitchen (if not the foyer and mudroom and actually any space of your house for that matter). Do you know why? Because these have been associated with home décor since times immemorial. Intrigued? Would you like to know more interesting things about tiles? Yes? Stay glued!

Some truths about tiling in home décor

Do you know bathroom floor tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports can be the most captivating feature of your bathroom? It suits this space very well since its anti-slippery and even comes in multiple variants and types. So, these reasons definitely make it a must in your bathroom. As for the fun facts that will definitely interest you about tiles, read on:

  • Tiles can be dated back to the period before Christ — If you are curious about the history of tiles, then you’ll be surprised to know that these were found in the archeological digs in Egypt dating back to almost 4,700 BC.
  • Tiles were the most preferred material for bathrooms — You’ll be surprised to know that almost all the bathrooms across the world have tiles installed in them in some part or another. This makes them the most commonly used material in home and bathroom décor in the entire world.
  • Ceramics from the tiles-family are the most favorite ones — Amongst the various types of tiles, ceramics are considered the most commonly used because they come in excellent and most varied types.
  • Porcelain Tiles are the best for high traffic areas — Well, we even have a superman tile in the family. It’s called porcelain tile. This is considered as the toughest and strongest and even highly durable. Well, that’s the reason all the high traffic areas are clad in this type of tile.
  • Neutral colors in bathroom tiles are heartwarming — You’ll be interested to know that neutral tones in bathroom tiles are most commonly preferred by the designers.
  • Wall tiles are weaker than the floor ones — Wall tiles are thinner, smaller, and lighter as compared to the floor variants. That’s what proves that these are weaker than the ones used for floors.
  • If you install tiles on uneven ground it will break within no time — Another interesting fact about tiles is that if you aren’t careful about the proper surface before laying them, they’ll break and get damaged as soon as you install them. No wonder we harp on professional installation.
  • Marble tiles can’t get wet — Marble tiles can’t get wet. It is because this is a very absorbent material and tends to soak in moisture. So, when you want a tile that stays dry and non-slippery in your bathroom, marble tiles are the best.

Tiles are actually very dynamic and can add life to your space. After knowing these facts about them we are sure you’re more impressed and would definitely want to work with tiles in your home or office too. 

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