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If you book Spirit Airlines with a credit card, there is no charge to change your name.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy: How To Change Name On Spirit?

The thought of changing your name can be nerve-wracking enough.  Without having to factor in the added stress of dealing with Spirit Airlines official site. Especially when you have Spirit Airlines baggage policy claim hassles to worry about too. If you’re going to be traveling through the Spirit Airlines terminal at any point soon. However, there are some things you need to know about how to change your name on Spirit Airlines tickets. Luckily, changing your name on Spirit Airlines flights isn’t as complicated as you might think! Read on to learn how!

Name change on Spirit Airlines tickets is possible

Just like with any other carrier, you will ask for your name to be change in a name change ticket. When requesting a name change with Spirit, they require that you call Spirit Airlines customer services and pay $100 in addition to any difference between old tickets and new tickets. Note that changing your name on Spirit Airline tickets is possible. But if you are traveling under an e-ticket or mobile ticket. Then it is not possible to request a name change. If your flight is book in either of these options then there is no need to worry. As these two types of electronic tickets are automatically cancel when requested for a name change. Which mean no charge will be add to your credit card or statement after making such a request.

What is Spirit Airline name change policy?

If you are wishing to change your name on your spirit airline ticket then it is always better to call Spirits customer service directly rather than emailing them or reaching out through any other means. They have very courteous staff who will be willing to help you with everything. That need to be done in regard to change a name on a Spirit Plane ticket. The initial thing that they will ask is if you want re-issue of another ticket or if they can just change your name online and send you new tickets in some format. Since most of us don’t know how it works, it’s always better to give them a call at the Spirit Airline number instead of sending an email as. There might be something which can easily get miss over here since emails can also go into their spam folder sometimes.

How much does it cost to change name on a ticket on Spirit Airlines?

If you bought Spirit plane tickets, there is a charge of $100. And purchased your ticket from a third party online site, such as Orbitz or CheapOair, it will cost $50 to change your name. If you have already purchased your plane ticket and would like to change it, contact Spirit Airline immediately at 888-678-0392. The refund fee will be waived if you can show proof that someone else made Spirit Airlines reservations in their name and used false identification. Even if you aren’t traveling with anyone who needs to use your tickets now, it’s always smart to check before taking off for any Spirit Airlines destination! So good!

Can I transfer my spirit ticket to another person?

To transfer your tickets to another person, you will need to contact the Telephone Number for Spirit Airlines at 888-678-0392. You may also request a name change on your ticket, but we are not able to transfer tickets between parties. For example, if you had two of our $9 Fare Tickets and wanted one ticket for yourself and one for a friend; that is something we can do as long as they depart from/to different airports. Please keep in mind that all change fees will be waived when transferring your flight or ticket; otherwise they apply just like if you were purchasing a new ticket.

Documents Required to Change name on Spirit Airlines ticket

See below for a list of documents required to change name on Spirit Airlines Ticket. Documents needed will vary based on the number of adults and children in Spirit Airlines reservations, ticket type and if there are any ID or special needs requirements. If your itinerary includes flights operated by another airline, please contact that carrier directly for their documentation requirements. The following is a representative sample of our most common types of tickets and travelers requiring proof of identification to change names; however, other categories may have different ID requirements than those listed here. Please review all sections carefully to ensure you’ve brought with you what is required to make changes to your flight reservations.

How do I change the traveler name on a Spirit flight ticket?

If you book Spirit Airlines with a credit card, there is no charge to change your name. If you are using an online service like Expedia or TripiTravels, you can change it for a fee. And if you booked directly through the official Spirit Airlines site, they will not allow name changes without a $75 fee and more if flights were purchased as part of a package. All of these fees are non-refundable and must be paid in advance to guarantee that your new name is listed on your ticket before you travel . It’s also important to note that any changes made after purchasing should be done at least 48 hours before departure time so that any resulting price difference can be calculated and applied properly in order to make sure all charges get transferred correctly onto your new Spirit Airlines reservations.

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