Social Media Data Collection

Startups and Early-Stage Companies Can Use Social Media Data Collection to Get an Edge

Brands can learn about the organic insights of their audiences with social sentiment analysis in a way that will allow them to resonate with consumers and find a product-market-fit that is unique to them.

Most Startups Overlook Important Aspect of Market Research

Many startups spend a great deal of time and resources conducting market research, but 42% of startups and early-stage companies still fail because there is no market demand for them.
Thus, they are either trying to grab market share in either of the following sectors:
  • The market has a number of solutions that are very similar to what you are looking for
  • They may not have enough interest in their product/service from their target market/consumer
For startups to avoid this unfortunate event, it would be best for them to conduct data-driven market research to understand their target audiences and the landscape of their competitors.
It is recognized that online social media, in particular, can provide an excellent resource to gather qualitative as well as quantitative publicly available information on the following topics:
  • Pain points for consumers
  • If your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) stands out among your rivals (i.e., Idea validation), it can undoubtedly differentiate you from them.
  • Market/consumer trends in real-time
Statista estimates that the number of companies collecting data from social media has increased dramatically over the past few years. Depending on the data sources used, that number may increase further.

Market research organizations worldwide that use social media analytics in their market research have increased from 2014 to 2022

The way a Martech startup harnesses social media’s power to power their product is fascinating to watch. A marketing technology company that provides software to enable better customer relationship management and marketing is an excellent example of a startup currently taking advantage of publicly available social media data as part of its Unique Sales Proposition (USP).
  • Guest posting
  • Building a backlink profile
  • Trending content is content that is relevant to a given company’s target audience and is in high demand
  • Identifying social media influencers for collaborations using social media
When dealing with a scenario like this, one of the biggest obstacles is connecting with each platform’s API separately to collect social media data. These challenges can easily be eradicated by using a data collection system that automates the entire process from start to finish.
Companies based on social data can more effectively fulfill the following goals:
  • Searching for domains with high domain authority scores (usually 30 or higher) at the top of the search results is an effective way to utilize the Internet.
  • We monitor social networks for relevant and engaging influencers and verify the validity of the profiles of those influencers, in addition to monitoring social networks for relevant and exciting influencers
  • It is best to search the search engine results for trending, high-ranking content on social media before posting on social media and monitoring search engine results
Here is a detailed and in-depth analysis of how some companies use alternative social data in order to achieve their goals. We will explore in this article how companies of various sizes, both large and small, go about making use of social media channels in order to answer some of the most important questions regarding the target audience, the products, and the competition. Why do you dislike scraping websites so much? By using proxy services, ProxyCrawl scrapes the web without being blocked or banned (easy!).

Analyzing the social sentiment of a society

When products or software designed to work flawlessly fail because the target market does not adopt them, it is very common. There is a tendency for this to happen when the parent company is unable to grasp the sophistication of the issue, in other words, issues such as sexism, ethics, and morality. When it comes to launching a disruptive technology like this, the social sentiment is a significant factor in determining how successful the launch will be.

If a company wished to sell a genetic selection service to parents who wanted to give their child a custom build physical and mental component, this organization would need to carefully map the social sentiment to successfully launch their product, ensuring that there is as little friction as possible.
Various individuals, political figures, and social media users have shared, discussed, and debated articles on this subject over the last few days on forums and social media platforms. Taking this as an example, The Guardian published a piece titled, ‘Desirable.
  • To develop a successful brand narrative, it is essential to understand the ethical issues and religious concerns involved
  • Additionally, to map the political playing field so they can effectively lobby for their products and services to be legalized as well as to ensure that their patent rights are protected, and they can sue against infringements

Analyzing Organic Opportunities and Identifying Them

Quite often, groups of people will use online social media forums to discuss their pain points, frustrations, hobbies, and common interests to solve their problems. Whatever the common denominator, you can monitor social media for these movements and assess how you can improve your marketing campaigns, messaging, and product offering based on these findings.
The Aerie lingerie company, owned by American Eagle, has successfully carried out a market research campaign that gathered data from social media and used it to collect data for the social media data collection project. The company found out about the body positivity movement through the collection of social media data, and it was incorporated into their marketing campaigns:
  • Marketing

One of the key reasons that the ‘Aerie Real’ campaign was so successful on social media channels such as TikTok, and other social media platforms in the first place, was because of the organic ‘body positivity’ discourse, which explains the reason why the campaign has been so successful. Aerie’s quarterly sales increased by 38% as a result of its social listening and engagement campaigns. 
  • Production

The company has also learned a great deal about the products consumers want to wear, which has led to the development of “better fitting lines” and “plus-size fashions,”; and they were one of the first companies in the world to launch a “bralette,” which is a bra without an inside wire; they were concerned first and foremost with how women felt about themselves, and then secondarily with how they appeared.


Irrespective of whether the company is a start-up, a start-up in its early stages, or a big company, open-source social listening software can benefit all. Basically, on the assumption that these applications will be data-driven, these businesses will gain from the adoption of data-first approaches. In addition, the data will enable them to adapt to the current social discourse, realistic consumer demand, and dynamic dynamics of competition in a way that otherwise would be difficult, from a qualitative as well as quantitative perspective, if they relied on any other source.

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