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Strategies for Boosting Your Amazon Advertising

There’s no doubt that Amazon is the best place to be for brands that sell on e-commerce Here are six methods to provide your Amazon marketing a head start over the other brands.

1. Learn about the impact of advertising on sales total

Sellers might think that they are losing money by purchasing an item via an advertisement, however, they must consider their lifetime value as well as the added exposure they can get from ads, particularly in a highly competitive market.

Suppose an uninitiated customer buys your product from an ad, then signs up for recurring monthly orders. What was the value of this ad compared to one that had not subscribed? To find out you’ll have to monitor other metrics that go beyond the cost of sales and click-through rates like duration and the number of days between purchases.

These metrics will show the real impact of ads on sales, in general, the same way it did for a Booyah client. In addition to helping the client sell more on Amazon the structure of the campaign let the customer increase its investment in growth through the platform, as new customers come back to purchase more.

2. Establish goals for your campaigns

Do you think that you will pay the same amount of money to gain a new client as you would retain an existing client? Not! This is why you shouldn’t design your campaigns to reach the exact customers you are targeting with the same approach.

These expectations will help you create realistic goals. By planning every campaign before launching around an achievable goal You can ensure that you manage your budget, the cost of purchase, bid strategy, and the products that are included as part of the promotion.

3. Use all advertising units available

In the past few years, Amazon advertising has increased and expanded, and so too are the available ads. They now comprise Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Displays, as well as Amazon DSP.

Sponsored Products are by far the most popular ad type accounting for 57% of businesses using this pay-per-click ad type. Sponsored Products are also been proven to provide the highest return on advertising spend of all Amazon ad types.

If your business offers a variety of ASINs and variations within your catalog and you are looking for Sponsored Brand ads, they may be more effective for your company.

Sponsored Brands allow customized backgrounds or you can make use of videos in Sponsored Brand videos to make your ads stand out among the public.

Marketers must make use of the various ad formats available Tryout and discover which ones work best for your product and brand.

4. A/B test

One of the pillars of a well-crafted ad strategy on Amazon is high-quality content on your product detail pages and a title for your product is perhaps the most significant component. 

Why? Because the product’s titles are what users read before clicking your ASIN. Thus, titles should be treated the same way as ads on Google as well as Facebook.

A well-thought-out product title that concentrates on keywords can generate leads, which can result in higher conversion rates. 

Although you may not wish to change the title of your product frequently as you would on other platforms it is important to test different keywords, lengths of titles, and other specifics. 

You can control the A/B tests by using Amazon Experiments in your account to get the full A/B testing experience.

5. Try out new ad features

Amazon’s advertising revenue has increased dramatically in the past couple of years, which has led to developments that let brands connect with customers in more specific ways. 

Utilizing these new features for advertising allows you to gain new insights and try different strategies to attract customers.

Every couple of months, Amazon releases new insight or targeting capabilities that allow you to locate potential customers. 

Amazon often announces new features before releasing their availability, so be sure to look for updates every week on your account to be at the forefront of technology.

6. Keep in mind that it’s a marathon

Amazon advertising is one of the most profitable and most impactful media channels for your company however, too often, companies concentrate on advertising only for short durations.

The most popular brands on Amazon don’t run advertisements just to coincide with Prime Day or the holiday season. Instead, they follow an “always-on” strategy.

However, this doesn’t mean that your budget should not fluctuate during the year, but businesses that run ads all year long will gain greater insight into their business and will be able to expand more efficiently and earn greater returns than companies that have ads running only occasionally.

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