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Super Apps: Why Should Businesses Invest In?

Now mobile apps have become a prominent way of shopping, food/grocery ordering, carpooling, and much more. But imagine, if you had just one app for every service you want to get i.e Super App

Well! Brands like Uber and Tata are already moving toward creating a one-stop shop for everything their customers’ need. However, the future will bring many more such instances. Such one-stop mobile apps are known as “Super Apps”.

You might not hear the term but might be using one. So, what are Super apps exactly? How are they helping businesses to become industry leaders? Let’s gain some insights into super apps and their benefits in 2022.

What Are Super Apps? 

There is no set definition for this type of application, however, the concept is older than expected. In 2010, Mike Laraidis, BlackBerry’s founder coined this term. As per him, super apps are basically an ecosystem of apps that users can leverage as a part of their life due to a seamless, efficient, and integrated experience.

More simply, super apps are a marketplace of a variety of services and offer users access to those services through one app environment. WeChat, Alipay, and Alibaba are the most prominent examples of super apps.

The trend of super apps initially emerged in Chinese markets and later in the rest of the world. WeChat- a prominent super app has over 1.2 billion users, making it the biggest Super app hit. The platform is also the motivation behind Meta (Facebook messenger).

So, if you want to create such applications, you can connect with app developers in Gurgaon with expertise in super apps development.

For now, let’s understand how super apps are helping businesses to thrive and be successful.

What Are Super Apps Benefits for Businesses? 

You already know that mobile apps are becoming a prominent part of people’s life. Thus, businesses are driven to develop mobile apps to engage with their customers. However, super apps are opening new avenues of growth by enabling the following advantages.

  • A comprehensive target audience

Super apps allow businesses to cover a huge section of the target audience by enabling access to a wide range of services. With a wider audience targeting, the chances of app marginal success become higher.

Thus, app development company in Gurgaon believes that super apps can help businesses acquire a huge customer base.

  • Mini Apps 

Super apps include mini apps that eradicate the need of spending a large amount on development. While creating super apps, mini app development cost is covered mostly, and you can achieve incredible product scalability.

  • Simple User Onboarding

Customer app onboarding is always a headache for businesses investing in mobile apps. Super apps ease down onboarding hassle by reducing KYC costs, enabling automatic sync of data, and covering social & financial profiles.

  • Access To Homogeneous Market 

The culture of Asian countries is almost similar. This enables businesses to leverage the homogeneity of markets and target a wider region to offer a variety of services. Super apps allow you to quickly grasp the demand of the whole region and serve them with the best services possible.

  • Improved Customer Experience

By engaging with customers on different platforms, businesses can understand their interests, their problems, and the reason for cart abandonment. The insight can be used to improve customer experience on the application and personalize services.

In short, super apps are not just beneficial to organizations but to customers as well. Moreover, the demand for a more advanced shopping environment can be fulfilled with super apps, uniquely.

What else must you know?  

To be a full-fledged super app, the application should offer the following:

  • E-Commerce Services
  • Loyalty Program
  • Social Platform
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Booking

By developing a super app, businesses can gain access to a large marketplace with an extended target audience. Moreover, the apps allow you to win the customer’s heart by providing everything required in a single place.

If you also want to thrive and boost your eCommerce revenue generation, you must think of super app development. Also, connect with an expert mobile app development company that can help you leverage the homogeneous markets and reach out to a global audience.

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