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Healthcare Software Development Will Have A Strong Focus On Data Security

healthcare software development

Overview Healthcare Data security is a critical concern in the healthcare industry because of the sensitivity of patient information and the potential for loss or misuse. Healthcare providers are required by law to keep patient information secure from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. In addition, HIPAA compliance means that healthcare …

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Telehealth App Development – Features, Benefits and Future

Telehealth App Development

What is a Telehealth App?  Telehealth app is a healthcare software application that enables remote medical consultation and diagnosis between doctors and patients. With telehealth app development it’s convenient for healthcare organizations and providers to offer efficient, and cost-effective ways for patients to receive medical care from the comfort of …

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RPA in Healthcare: How It Can Benefit Your Facility


What does the term RPA stand for? It stands for Robotic Process Automation or Robotic Process Automation and in simpler terms, it refers to software bots that mimic human activity such as clicking, swiping, typing and so on; this in turn can accelerate business processes and simplify operations to great …

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Is Telehealth Software Development Worth The Investment?

Is Telehealth software development worth the investment

Introduction Telehealth technology services are becoming increasingly popular through the use of mobile devices, improved cameras, and large bandwidth internet connections. This type of service provides a convenient option for patients to consult with a provider. Telehealth software development necessitates significant upfront investments in technology, program design, and personnel. Diverse …

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