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What did the crown of oak leaves symbolize?​

What did the crown of oak leaves symbolize_

The crown of oak leaves symbolizes heroism. Germania wore the crown of oak leaves because it represents heroism. It was the symbol of courage and bravery of the German people, who were dominated by foreign forces. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, artists incarnated the nation and fundamental values of liberty, …

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Upcoming Government Competitive Exams


The number of candidates preparing for and attempting govt job exams is increasing rapidly every year—the main reason for this increase is job security and a healthy work-life balance. In addition, government organizations offer attractive compensation packages that include a variety of privileges, perks, and allowances. Various government recruitment organizations …

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After NEET Career Opportunities

NEET Career

As children, most of us had aspirations of becoming doctors, playing with toy medical instruments such as scissors and plastic injections, and pretending to do medical operations. When we’re older, we’ve matured enough to decide our future based on our passions and aspirations. Several kids have opted to turn their childhood …

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