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We will discuss tax solutions services. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects federal taxes and ensures compliance with tax laws. The IRS collects tax funds and processes tax returns. It also distributes tax refunds. The IRS received 250 million tax forms in 2018 and distributed over $400,000 to taxpayers.

Many people only think of the IRS when it is tax season. After that, they wait for their taxes to be returned. Sometimes the IRS is visible at all times of the year. There are exceptions. If an individual, company, or person believes they haven’t declared sufficient income, not been paid enough, or have submitted the required tax returns, then the IRS could initiate an investigation. Tax resolution services may be required to address the problem, repay taxes, and obtain relief from taxation. This article will provide more information about tax resolution services.


What is a tax resolution?


Tax resolution is when you work with IRS tax professionals. Tax problems can arise from tax issues you don’t understand. If you have a complex tax situation, the IRS may ask you questions to verify that you are correctly reporting your income and making the appropriate deductions. The IRS might suspect that you may have under-reported income in certain circumstances. It could also ask about how tax-related issues are affecting you.


You may also have to submit your tax returns annually to the IRS. The IRS can increase your tax liability if you do not pay your taxes in time.


Here are a few situations where the tax resolution service might be beneficial to you:


Audit Representation


Do not be alarmed when you get an IRS notice informing you that tax returns are being reexamined. It doesn’t have to be difficult, even though it can seem daunting.


For various reasons, the IRS inspects taxpayers. Although you may be aware that the IRS is looking at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have committed any illegal acts. The fact that an expert audit consultant makes an argument in support of the audit allows you to rest easy.


Transcript Protest


This is why we are discussing tax solutions services. The IRS is also susceptible to errors. Sometimes, the IRS can believe that you earned less than you did. The IRS can challenge your claim and present evidence to back it up. Tax professionals may write transcript Protests, so you won’t be held responsible for any tax.




What happens when you find out that the IRS amount you have to pay exceeds your ability to repay it? In this case, you don’t have any other options. You can choose to pay taxes to the IRS or keep your roof on.


Tax debtors who are in financial distress or are unable to pay their taxes may find some relief through the IRS. If you’re in a “currently uncollectible” state, the IRS won’t be able to collect a tax debt. The tax resolution program is designed to help you assess your eligibility and explain the possible drawbacks and benefits.


Tax Penalties


IRS may assess tax penalties or interest to businesses and taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes promptly or in whole. In certain situations, the IRS can waive specific penalties. Your tax firm can help determine if a waiver is possible and help to decide if your case qualifies. This article will cover more details about a tax resolution services


Non-Filed Returns


It is pretty normal to file a tax report each year. This might not always be possible. A representative from the IRS may use this information to calculate how much debt you need to pay. Tax consultants can assist with preparing your tax returns for years past. They can also help with tax strategies and the preparation of taxes for the future.


Recovering your taxes


It is hard to pay in one lump sum. You should review your returns to find out if you have tax liabilities. Collaborating with the IRS could be part of tax-related solutions. We’ll discuss the tax resolution services in this article.


The IRS Is Compromise


The IRS can negotiate with taxpayers in some instances. The IRS will accept lower-than-due payments through its “Offer In Compromise” program.


Negotiating with the IRS can prove problematic as they aren’t willing to negotiate reductions in payments. Discuss your options with a tax professional to determine whether the IRS is willing or unable to offer a compromise.


Employers who have workers are subject to payroll tax. The IRS can punish businesses that fail to pay payroll tax. It is usually via the Trust Fund Receipt Penalty. Professional tax resolution experts can help you understand penalties imposed by the IRS.


Wage Garnishment Help


The IRS will go to great lengths for its funds. One of these is seizing your wages. It could cause your payment to drop or even disappear. Negotiating with the IRS to garnish your income is critical to a tax settlement. A tax professional can assist you in preparing the payment schedule, which you can present to the IRS. This proves you can pay the tax, even if the IRS takes the money.


The quicker you get your tax issues resolved, the more remarkable. Rapid tax resolution can reduce stress and help avoid headaches. The IRS will not charge you additional taxes.


What Can Tax Resolution Do to Help You?


You can work directly with the IRS to resolve tax issues. However, it is recommended that tax experts be consulted.


As a taxpayer, you have certain rights. These rights are contained within the IRS Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. You are allowed to work with businesses that offer tax resolutions. This will ensure your property and rights are protected. A tax resolution firm is available to assist you:


Evaluate Your Position


It would help if you first met with a professional tax advisor to begin the conversation. This consultation allows you to discuss the details of your case with a tax specialist who will evaluate your situation.


This consultation will help you decide if you are eligible to pursue a tax-related solution. The tax professional can help you learn more about yourself and give you an answer.


A Defense


Consider the possibility that an accountant/tax agent might consider your situation. The next step would be to develop a plan for you to cooperate with the IRS to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. When the IRS investigates you, an authorized agent will review your entire file. They will then draft a defense.


A tax professional can help create an installment plan to inform the IRS about the amount you can. Having a solid defense and strategy can prevent being overwhelmed with tax debts.


– The Go-between


The Taxpayer Bill of Rights allows for representation. The tax advisor can act as a mediator and intermediary with the IRS. Tax resolution companies can help you deal with the IRS without the hassle of doing it yourself.


An Enrolled Agent as well as an IRS Tax consultant, the Enrolled Agent has many years of experience and deep knowledge about tax legislation. They can tell you your rights and hold you accountable by the IRS. You will be less anxious and more likely to get a favorable conclusion.


How does tax relief function?


The IRS is far more compassionate than you might imagine. The IRS offers both individual and company tax relief programs.


Fresh Start is an excellent example of such a program. The IRS started the program in 2011 to help people and businesses with difficulty meeting their tax obligations. This initiative resulted in three modifications.


Liens Fresh Start:


The IRS raised the threshold for liens to $500,000. It was now easier to remove liens after collecting the tax.


Installment agreement:


Fresh Start allows taxpayers with less than $50,000 to work together and negotiate installment agreements to pay the tax debt. Applying online is much easier for those with less than $50,000 of tax debt. Fresh Start also extended to six years, a repayment term from five.


Compromise Program:


Fresh Start increased the range of this compromise program. The program now accepts more applicants. A Compromise Offer allows you to agree with the IRS for a reduced amount. This tax relief option is only available to taxpayers who have exhausted all other options. The Offer in compromise is available to taxpayers with more than $50,000 of tax liability or who earn up to $100,000.


To get tax relief, you may file a request. An accountant is an excellent choice to help you make your application. It will also increase your chances of receiving the relief you need. Understanding that only a few people can assist you or represent your case if you require tax advice is vital. They are:


Agents enrolled


Certified public accountants




An IRS-authorized representative can represent taxpayers. Also known as an Enrolled Administrator, To become an Enrolled Agent, one must pass either a three-part examination or prove that they have worked for the IRS.


BC Tax Can Help You Resolve Your Tax Issues


BC Tax is determined to help taxpayers lower taxes. Working with various customers has helped us build an impressive track record.


CPAs are registered representatives who can help analyze your situation. Colorado is our office. We serve taxpayers throughout all 50 states.


Each individual’s tax situation is different and will result in different outcomes. BC Tax can help.

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