Ten Purposes of Mass Communication

Mas communication quickly serves the public messages to several individuals that do not have the source of information. Mass communication has a lot of scopes today that are very extensive. Mass communication deals with several objectives.

Scope of mass communication

The scope of mass communication is vast, and students are getting enrolled in this subject degree. Assignment Max offers cheap assignment help uk for students in UK and worldwide for mass communication subjects and other academic subjects. The scope of mass communication explains here in different fields.

  • Commerce and trade

For large production or sales, the organization helps through mass communication that helps them with publicity and circulation to reach their goals in less expenditure or time.

  • Social affairs

In social affairs, mass communication also helps us. People are sometimes suffering from a terrible flood, severe drought, or other natural situations or climates. So through mass communication, other people may easily find these people in trouble or make fast decisions for them.

  • Human resources management

In organizations, the workers that are not fully trained or skilled for their job can learn more skills through mass communication.

  • Political affairs

Mass communication also has access to political affairs. Political wants public opinion for few essential political issues; they can deliver their arguments or feelings to the public with newspaper or television like mass media.

  • State business

The policy, procedure, annual plan, or programs of a state is delivering by mass communication.

  • Education

Mass communication is used widely in another area that is education. There are present mass education programs that are conducting through newspaper, radio, or television.

However, due to the best mass communication purposes, it has enormous scope in the world. This article describes ten significant or best purposes of mass communication that are mention below.

These purposes are:

  1. Provides information to people
  2. Create public opinion
  3. Persuade
  4. Government policies circulate by mass communication.
  5. Disseminate education and health programs
  6. Provides entertainment or pleasure
  7. Establishes linkage or social contact
  8. Helps in facing calamity and disaster
  9. The diplomatic role is highlighting by mass communication
  10. Encourages political ideologies

Provides information to people

Mass communication is providing information to people that is the fundamental purpose of it. The data is delivered related to weather, products or services, festivals, entertainment, education, sports, public holidays, or recreation. This information people are getting through different mass media. It is the best source that keeping people up-to-date with the latest news and information. However, mass media is the best approach to today’s digital world.

Create public opinion

The mass communicant’s second essential purpose is to build the public’s opinion on any international or national issues. Mass communication with real-world pictures, with their audiences, governmental policies, leaders’ activities, etc., creates public opinion. Mass media are trying to make public opinion by editorials, unique articles, or commentaries. When an issue is on the rise, then public opinion is matters a lot. It is important what people have opinions about these issues. So mass communication plays a vital role in creating these opinions.


Mass communication aims to persuade people that help them bring change in their opinions, thinking, beliefs, attitudes on many issues such as voting, donation, smoking, religious convictions, dowry culture, or much more. In most fields, mass communication is using to persuading people in different ways. However, business enterprises also want to influence their potential customers by designing various advertisements. They can show their designs to customers or get paying customers. Moreover, mass communication is the best approach in all types of businesses.

Government policies circulate by mass communication.

Mass communication’s other best purpose is to circulate or announce government policies and programs. The government is promoting its policies and programs with time or delivering these programs to the public. The best way that provides these policies or programs very quickly to the public is through mass communication. It has a speedy approach.

Disseminate education and health programs

The government takes different educational or health programs such as sanitation, open education, vaccination, birth control, mass educations, or much more. But how people can get to know about these programs. So these education and health programs are implemented or disseminated by mass media such as television, newspaper, radio, or films, etc., people quickly can get access to these programs.

Provides entertainment or pleasure

An excellent source of amusement and pleasure is mass media. However, all mas media has almost a component of entertainment. Radio or television arrange different programs for recreation and enjoyment of people. Magazines or newspapers publish blogs and articles on cultural events or literacy, stories, sports, etc.; these all articles also providing entertainment to the people that read these articles. Moreover, it means tha people have easy access to these entertainment programs due to mass communication.

Establishes linkage or social contact

Mass communication also trying to develop or maintain the linkage and social contact among different tribes, races, or communities. Relation and social connection were creating by mass media by providing messages to people of experience and shared knowledge. For instance, a campaign start for funds for the disease treatments or for performing social activities that will help to promotes sympathy and social bondages. So mass communication also has the best involvement in creating linkage or social contacts.

Helps in facing calamity and disaster

Another best purpose of mass communication is to creating awareness in public to face men made or naturals disasters or problems such as earthquakes, riots, floods, war, or much more with due energy and courage. The people can trace the places where disasters happen or can reach them for help quickly. However, due to mass media, essential instructions, programs, and strategies are circulated to the public, or they can prepare before these disasters happen.

The diplomatic role is highlighting by mass communication

In this world, all countries want their diplomatic role to highlight global development or peacemaking activities. So the diplomatic role of governments is highlighted efficiently or disseminated by mass media. It is the best source as countries can show their diplomatic role with other countries.

Encourages political ideologies

Most political parties promote their plans, manifestos, programs, or ideologies. For this purpose, they depend on mass media. Or it is also a best one of the best purposes of mass communication. Or these political parties are trying to get public opinion more in their favour with the mass media help.

However, from all this discussion explaining mass communication purposes, we can easily conclude that various objectives have mas communication. It has different aims or helps people in other fields of life. Moreover, we can say that in society, mass communication dedicating to making sure the right or well-being of people in all classes.

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