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Some people think a paint sold in DIY superstores is worth a paint sold in professional distribution stores. This idea is “unfortunately” wrong. Indeed, many professionals in the sector claim that professional paints are much more qualitative. From the point of view of lifespan, yield per m², resistance to weather conditions, professional paint is well worth its price when looking for a durable and quality finish. Commercial exterior painters choose the best quality paints and products.
Professional paints: special properties and characteristics
When you want to carry out painting work at home, it is tempting to choose your paint solely on three criteria: the colour, the destination, and above all, the price. Paints intended for individuals are more diluted to facilitate application. Professional paints, on the other hand, offer special properties and characteristics.
Commercial painters san diego always have a property / main function: treat, decorate, protect or even maintain your supports (walls, facades, ceilings, etc.). They can also have several properties at the same time. Most of the time, when looking for a painting, you think directly of a painting with a decorative function. However, it may be important to protect or treat your medium first in some cases. This is why professional paints are often studied to offer you 2 in 1 functions, such as protecting and decorating your surface.
They are talking to you today about “special properties” because there are professional paints with the following properties: rustproofing, metal protection, quick-drying, anti-odour, thermal regulation, antibacterial, etc. This type of property does not exist in conventional paints. Most professional paints each have their characteristics:
.Good opacifying power;
. Low odor;
. Easy to apply;
. Washable;
. Velvety, unctuous aspect;
. Lack of projection;
. Extended open time;
. Good stretched;
. Microporous;
. Good hardness;
. Etc.
These characteristics are not often present in standard paints, which justify the price and quality of professional-grade paints. On the other hand, it is important to know that each professional paint is accompanied by a detailed “Technical Sheet” which informs about:
.The destination medium ;
.The advantages of the product ;
.The implementation;
.This technical sheet allows you to know the product better and use it correctly.
For all your painting projects, whether schools, daycares, hospitals, or municipalities – compliance with standards, punctual work, and applied and efficient work methods are essential for their team.
Commercial interior painters understand these issues’ magnitude and know how to respond to the most specific painting requirements. They assure you that their team of professional painters will do quality work and amaze your customers and superiors.
It would be interesting for you today to hire a commercial painter to do some work, knowing that the evaluation and the design and layout of your business can significantly affect your results.

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