Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

In our society, having a child is an essential part of married life. There is a lot of peer pressure to conceive after marriage. Today, however, one in seven couples is facing infertility problem. This can be due to a number of reasons, sedentary lifestyle being one of them. To resolve infertility and achieve parenthood, test tube baby in Pakistan is a suitable option.

The layman term used for In-vitro Fertilisation is test tube baby. However, some people confuses the two and believe IVF to be different than test  tube baby. Both are the terms used for same procedure. The process invoves the comibining of eggs and sperm in laboratory petri dishes for the purpose of fertilisation. Once the eggs are fertilised, they are planted back to the female’s body so she can achieve pregnancy.

Why Test Tube Baby?

A woman can be facing infertility issues due to a number of reasons. Some of them may involve te following:

  • Damaged Fallopian Tube.
  • Absence of Ovulation/Eggs.
  • Premature Ovarian failure.

A woman having any of the above mentioned problems may face complexities in conceiving. These can lead to infertility. Hence, requiring a test-tube baby in order to achieveparenthood.

Procedure of Test Tube Baby

Many scientific advancements have been made in the procedure of test tube baby. However, the main procedure is still the same as given below:

  1. Before commencing the main procedure, female is stimulated with hormones so se can produce more eggs than normal.
  2. Matured eggs are received from ovary besides, sperm is also retrieved from male for the purpose.
  3. Sperm and eggs are combined together for te purpose of fertilisation. They are combined in petri dishes and kept in incubator for a few days to monitor them.
  4. When the embryo is formed, the doctors transfer it back to te feamle’s body so she can conceive.

Success Rate

The success rate of test tube babies varies with the age and medical history of women. The success of this treatment is greater in women less than the age of 35 years. However, with advancements in medical sciences, many women above the mentioned age have also had live births through this treatment. The chances of success in woman under 35 in 52.7%, for women under 40 it is 24% and beyond that, it is 7%.

Before much awareness, test tube baby in Pakistan was a topic you were not allowed to talk about. As more people are becoming aware of the treatment and its evident results, they are keen to know about it. Especially infertile couples here are no more hopeless since the treatment has been introduced in Pakistan. Due to successful treatments, test tube baby in Pakistan has become a known treatment just like the treatment of any other disease.


Test Tube Baby in Pakistan is an expensive treatment. However, its cost is less than the cost offered for the same aborad. Yet, many in Pakistan are unable to afford this treatment. For this purpose many infertility clinics offer financial assistance and packages to make it easy for infertile couples. Test tube baby in Pakistan’s culture is already enough mentally draining.

IVF Success Stories

The success rate of conventional IVF is increasing with each day. Many infertile couples have been able to conceive with assisted reproductive technology (ART). IVF is a kind of ART. It has aided a lot of couples in attaining parenthood. Besides age, its success rate is also dependent upon the medical history of the couple. With rising age and other genetic issues, it becomes more complex but not impossible. Even women above 40 years of age have also conceived due to IVF Success Stories.

Facts tell you that achieving pregnancy after a certain age is impossible but science tells otherwise and the evidence lies in the story of this 40-year-old woman. She achieved pregnancy and gave live birth through IVF. Although there were some complexities she overcame them all. Now, she is living her dream of being a parent, and a mother.

The age of the woman is a factor but it never completely concludes a woman from getting pregnant. Anything can happen through determination and faith. Having faith in the process is essential.

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