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The 10 Best Crypto Exchange Platforms for 2022

By 2022, it’s estimated that there will be at least 10 million cryptocurrency users worldwide. It’s not hard to understand why so many people are turning to crypto – more and more people are realizing the value of cryptocurrencies as time goes on. We’re already seeing its impact in everyday life.

As crypto becomes more widely accepted, more people will want to buy and sell their favorite coins – which means crypto exchanges need to keep up with the increasing demand for their services.

In this guide, we’ll highlight today’s best cryptocurrency exchange platforms so you can get ahead of the curve in your development.

1) 0x

0x is a protocol that facilitates the decentralized exchange on Ethereum. This protocol allows ERC20 tokens to be traded and exchanged with off-chain order books and on-chain settlements. 

0x was built as an open, extensible system, allowing other projects to make on top of it (for example). 

And if you are planning to develop your cryptocurrency exchange platform, you should look into building on top of the 0x protocol. It’s free, open-source, and gives you a head start in development time.

 The 0x team has already done all of the hard work: they have created their smart contracts, deployed them to the Ethereum mainnet, and developed relayers that provide liquidity by hosting an order book that matches trades from other users who want to buy or sell tokens.

2) Poloniex

Poloniex is one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms around. It supports a huge number of coins and tokens. As one of the longest-running exchanges, it’s been in service since 2014. 

Alternatively, if you want to get your feet wet by working on an exchange project independently, we highly recommend looking at our tutorials for building Ethereum DApps. Our tutorials are beginner-friendly and easy to follow so that anyone can create their decentralized exchange (DEX).

3) Binance

Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, handling over $1.7 billion in trading volume every day. Its founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao, has a proven track record as an accomplished entrepreneur. 

According to Bloomberg, he previously worked at various venture capital firms and was an angel investor before starting Binance. There are only six employees total on Binance’s core team—and all of them have been actively involved with blockchain-related projects since 2013.

4) Upbit

Upbit is one of Korea’s biggest crypto exchange platforms. It’s backed by Kakao Corp, a large, publicly-traded company that owns KakaoTalk and KakaoPay (Korea’s leading mobile payments company). 

Upbit has hundreds of cryptocurrencies available, including every coin on CoinMarketCap’s Top 20 list. You can buy crypto with South Korean Won or Bitcoin. Upbit also features margin trading and lending programs for users to earn extra income.

5) HitBTC

There are many reasons why HitBTC is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms to trade cryptocurrencies in. People notice the first thing about HitBTC is its prices, particularly when exchanging your fiat currency for crypto. 

HitBTC offers some of the lowest transaction fees available. Another reason why people use HitBTC is that it has such a wide range of cryptocurrencies available for trading. You can purchase just about any cryptocurrency you want on HitBTC, including popular options like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

6) Bitfinex

Owned by iFinex Inc, Bitfinex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform in Hong Kong. Headquartered in Hong Kong and established in 2012, it has become one of the largest crypto-exchange platforms. 

In 2017, Bitfinex was hacked but remained one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges.

This hack had created some issues between its users and management. However, that did not hamper its success rate or reputation among its users. 

It remains one of the best crypto exchange platforms to hire cryptocurrency software development company in India. Its CEO, JL van der Velde, has even talked about creating the world’s first regulated digital tokenized currency basket through an ICO later in 2018. 

To stay updated with the latest news from Bitfinex, follow them on Twitter or visit their website regularly.

7) Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is a relatively new exchange that has become popular as a place to buy and sell tokens and coins issued during ICOs. 

Coinbase Pro is easy to use with its sleek interface and allows you to track your accounts on one screen. 

Another great perk of Coinbase Pro is that you can developers from several top cryptocurrency development companies to create your custom token or coin and buy existing ones.

8) Gemini

Gemini is a digital asset exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital assets such as bitcoin. Gemini launched in October 2015, built on top of existing infrastructure from financial institutions, including NASDAQ and DTC (now part of OCC).

 It is a New York trust company that operates under New York Banking Law, with various licenses held by its parent company Gemini Trust Company, LLC. The exchange was founded by Tyler Winklevoss, Cameron Winklevoss, and their legal counsel Christian Decker. 

9) KuCoin

If you are looking to enter into cryptocurrency and learn more about it, KuCoin is a good place to start. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate around. 

On KuCoin, you can buy several popular cryptocurrencies using your local currency, including BTC, ETH, NEO, USDT, and KCS (KuCoin Shares). They also have their coin called KuCoin (KCS), which you can earn on their platform. Every day, users get bonuses for holding KCS in their accounts.

10) Stex

Stex is a decentralized crypto exchange that serves as a community-based trading platform. The platform can be used to trade tokens, cryptocurrencies, and more without the need for intermediaries or central authorities; security features are also in place to ensure users’ coins remain safe. 

The goal is to provide an environment where users can transact peer-to-peer. Of course, hiring cryptocurrency developers can make or break your success on Stex.

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Hiring a cryptocurrency exchange software development company in India, but it’s worth it. It can save you hours of development time and significantly improve your chances of success by creating a platform that looks more professional than DIY options. 

Even if you decide to build your exchange, you should still find a developer or consult an expert to ensure that what you create is functional, secure, and consistent with industry standards.

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