The 10 most popular styles of jewellery

The best and most popular styles in jewelry designs vary from the ‘Heart of the Rajasthan.’ This article symbolizes the incredible history of Rajputs, blessed with splendid forts and palaces, unbeatable design, and a great deal; Rajasthan is thought to be because of the land of royalty and kingdoms. But did you recognize that in earlier times in Rajasthan, the folks began to invest in gold and precious jewelry to secure their future? The individual, a social group of the Rajputs in Rajasthan, created lavish use of the crusty jewelry weapons that sensed the quality of their caste and increased their rank. 

Rajasthani jewelry, the oldest style of jewelry, is so spectacular altogether in its glory. Jewelry Trends are mostly known in Rajasthan. Let us discuss the most probably used jewelry designs all over India.


  • Rakhdi/Borla is the ancient Rajasthani head jewelry (Maang tikka). Being spherical or bell-like in form, Borla, a conventional Rajasthani jewelry style, is entirely different from the same old maang tikas.
  • Borla is one of the foremost fashionable Rajasthani ornaments! It’s essentially a maang tikka that includes a spherical pendant that hangs within the center of the top. Its Rajasthani jewelry could sound weird; however, it’s a refreshing style in each woman’s closet in Rajasthan.
  • It comes in colorful and eye-catchy patterns. Borla is created with a spread of metals like gold, silver, brass, etc., and comes in very types of stone-studded forms like Kundan, Meena, and pearls.
  • The traditional Borla comes in a spherical style, hooked up with a gold chain.
  • The gold chains, additionally because the spherical portion of the Borla area unit offered in the same type of designs. The trending designs embody Kundan motifs adorned with Meenakari work.
  • Sheeshfool denotes the two aspect chains and are supposed to support Borla.


  • Traditional jewelry of Rajasthan-Nath or Nathni is one of the foremost fashionable jewelry designs worn by Rajasthani girls.
  • It is typically worn on the left anterior naris and joined with a gold or pearl chain to the left ear.
  • Nath makes a crucial part of the Rajasthani bridal jewelry collection. It’s adorned by the ladies at the marriage additionally as merry occasions.
  • A large golden Nath embellished with a little Kundan, makes each Rajasthani bride look elegant and royal.
  • The combination of sheeshfool and Borla forms a Matha Patti, worn by brides in Rajasthan. However, Sheeshfool is clastic and may be separated from Borla.

Surliya/Kaanbali and Jhaale:

  • Traditional jewelry of Rajasthan-kaanbali
  • Rich in antique and royal looks, Rajasthani jewelry earrings have gained recognition. In Rajasthan, they’re called Surliya /Kaanbali or Jhaale.
  • Immaculately designed with knotty Kundan or Meenakari work, Rajasthani earrings provide a royal look mixed with a touch of tradition and fashion.
  • No doubt, Rajasthani earrings cause you to stand out among others. However, you can’t attend each event with them. You would like alternative forms of earrings to work up your look too.

Aad or Kanthi Necklace:

  • Traditional jewelry of Rajasthan-aad
  • Kanthi or Aad jewelry is one of the foremost known and lovely varieties of Rajasthani jewelry.
  • Also notable by the name of the Rajputana or Rajasthani jewelry, Aad could be an sq. /rectangular choker is typically talented to the bride by the bridegroom’s family.
  • Worn by the brides, Kanthi could be an ancient choker product of gold and is typically adorned with Kundan and alternative precious stones like polka. Thought to be must-have jewelry in Rajasthan, Aad oomph the bride’s look and adds scores of royal charm to her overall visual charm.
  • Kanthi typically comes with an associate degree elastic thread in order that it will match anyone.
  • In addition to Aad, Brides wear patrician Haar (Queen’s necklace) long up to the navel.


  • Bajubandh is the higher band. It signifies matrimonial ecstasy and thus is worn by Marwari and Rajpoot brides.
  • The complex stonework carved on gold makes the Bajubandh a royal ornament.


  • A set of 2 bangles worn by Rajasthani girls, Bangadi bangles have a thick redlining and a slight spherical gold protrusion covering the bangles.
  • These bangles are solely worn by married Rajpoot Rajasthani girls. The mix of gold and red color paired with knotty stone adorned work is to die for.
  • If you’re searching for one thing, elegant and ancient in bangles, then bangadi is undoubtedly a decent possibility.


  • Haathphool is a hand bracelet and is fashionable by various names like haath kamal, hand chain, and hath panja. It beautifies the art’s rear and increases the palm’s beauty.
  • Available in numerous styles and patterns, haathphools area unit product of gold, kundan, minakari, and generally jadau work.
  • They come in either one ring style, or the five finger rings vogue. Within the latter, the bill finger rings area unit is hooked up to the multiple strings of gold chains connecting and merging into a flower with another truss to the Armbänder.


  • A belly chain/waist chain is named Tagdi or Kardhani in Rajasthan. Product of Gold, Polki work, or Kundan it’s principally adorned by Rajasthani brides.


  • An anklet is one of the most superbly adorned jewelry designs in Rajasthan.
  • The social group girls of Rajasthan wear massive circular silver kadas.

Kudan Bhutto:

  • These areas unite ancient Rajasthani jhumkas.
  • This Rajasthani jewelry style consists of significant knotty work embellished with gems and stones (both precious and semi-precious).


  • Bichuwas are toe rings, the product of either Gold or Silver. Rajasthani girls superbly adorn the Bichuwas area unit on a commonplace, which is fashionable in Rajasthan. Nowadays, girls wear artificial bichuwas.
  • Rajasthani jewelry is so spectacular altogether in its glory. Examine the standard apparel and jewelry of Rajasthan.

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