The 4 Most Common Rooftop Hazards

We already know that working at a height is a huge risk. Especially, if that height is your roof, then obviously the chances increase. It’s because we won’t find all the roofs straight, some are slant and sloped as well. And that is why for whatever reason you climb to the rooftop, staying safe is essential. Well, today, we are especially worried about those individuals who climb on roofs during building construction work.

Some roof safety hazards that you should be aware of

You should definitely be aware of the dangers or safety hazards at your roof area because when you fall from this location or get injured at this place, you don’t just bear a lot of injuries, but you might also risk your life in this action. So, read about these roof safety hazards and try to stay as safe from them as much as possible.

  • Roof falls — Roof falls are the most common type of roof hazard or accident that happens across the globe. And most of the time, the victim is badly injured or doesn’t even survive. So, whenever you climb to the roof for any purpose, keep an eye on the toughness of the roof. Get it inspected carefully before climbing on this surface. Check for the stickiness on the roof that might lead to slips and always take necessary precautions like wearing a helmet or preparing the ground with some padding. You should also think of installing roof safety line systems via Save Ya Roofing if you have constant work in this area. They provide the best quality of tough roof safety line systems that tend to provide solid protection against falls and slips and keep you safe on the top of the building.
  • Power tools —Again, during the construction work or whenever there is a special repair task going on at your roof, you take along lots of power tools to this area. Remember, this can actually cause a very drastic injury to you if you’re not careful. As you are constantly struggling to keep your balance, having sharp and heavy tools along with you can often lead to disastrous results.
  • Electrical hazards — Like many other buildings, even yours has the main power line and connections centred at the rooftop. Obviously, it makes your roof all the more dangerous in this building. So, whenever you’re at this surface, remember to be very careful about these wirings and power lines. We have seen nasty accidents bearing lots of burns, shocks, and even deaths because of such dangerous electrical currents and hazards happening on the rooftop.
  • Dangerous substances — Sometimes you are alright and quite confident while working on the roof, but there are some elements of dangerous substances in the building itself that can be really dangerous to you. Like asbestos or lead for example. These can cause you more danger than you can imagine and that is why staying geared when climbing to this area stays so important.

 You will see hundreds of people getting prone to drastic accidents because of these hazards. Now that you are completely aware of them and even know the ways to stay safe from them, being not careful isn’t wise. Ensure you’re taking all the necessary precautions.

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